Stereo From Above

Cool, but not my style.

This shirt rocks! I’m in!

non-centered designs suck

i’m coppin this, i need a navy shirt

Saw the title…was kinda hoping for some invading subwoofers a la Independence Day

ehhh, I guess I’ll get it…


Nice! Good job keeping it simple. I’ll take one.

Totally rockin’ and officially my second woot shirt.

Very Alien Hominid-like. But I’ve already bought yesterday’s, that’s my quota for the week.

This is possibly the most childish shirt I have seen on this site to date. Shame on you Woot!

not bad…i doubt the circuit states has a chance…totally random similarities…too bad

cosigned. Like the colors on it though.

it’d be a lot cooler if it was centered

My wife wants to know why I keep buying these things…she will never understand… it is an addiction…

nice shirt. much more subtle than those “If my music is too loud, your too old” shirts. oh yeah and it has robots. sweet

Come on woot! what are we 12?

If it didnt have the PCB I’d be in. Kinda cool, but I havent been too impressed by any of the designs yet.

Not too bad.

I got one.