Divine Connection




*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?


pretty cute. do i get the gist? who knows?


While this appeals to my programmer side, I’m not sure I want to wear a guy that looks like that on me. :expressionless:


ARRRGGG… if this wasn’t grey I’d buy one immediately


There shouldn’t be a single self respecting shirt.wooter that isn’t getting this.


I would hope you’d get the gist…

Grats on the print, Robert.


how can I say no to a shirt like this?


Heather grey only reminds me of gross sweatpants and people who wear them. :frowning:


this is rather funny. it actually made me laugh, and I wish I could get it and wear it to an art history or fine arts class. as of now though, I need to buy stuff for christmas. CURSES on generosity!


i dont beg to not differ


This is a FANTASTIC design, but I think the heather gray was a poor choice for this shirt. Congrats on the print though!


This is definitely out of the blue …
I wouldn’t wear that … anywhere.


Really wish the guy looked slightly better, awesome design otherwlse

I’ll see if I want one later today


Cool! I really like the dos prompt! :smiley:


Blasphemy; I’ve seen through your guise.


so I ordered a $15 shirt just over two weeks ago. It’s been sitting in Carrollton, TX since November 17th. Is that normal? I know SmartPost is slow, but srsly… it says carrier notified. Does carrier not care that I’d like my shirt this year (literally)?


Not a bad idea, but the execution is all wrong.

Grey workshirt color doesn’t help matters.


My first shirt in a looooong time. I check everyday.


If this shirt makes slashdot, I fear for woot’s servers…