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Picked up a set of the thinking putty one of the last times they were on sale, not too long after Christmas when they were closing out the Christmas “flavors”.

I was hoping for something that would stay in shape after being molded, but all three of the varieties I received will only briefly hold their shapes and will then slowly melt back into a semi-puddle.

The glow-in-the dark variant was so weak, it took an extremely concentrated light (the flashlight on my cell phone pressed up against the putty) to observe any noticable change in brightness.

Other things, such as bounciness, squeezability, etc. the putty seems to match up on.

The best of the three was the shiny metallic green putty. I think the gold will be pretty cool as well, but I wouldn’t spend $20 on these.

  1. The cooler and dryer the ambient temperature, the firmer the putty will be. Maybe you can try refrigerating or freezing the putty before use. Of course, if your room is too warm, it will still soften quickly. These putties are meant to be pliable and stretchy, which goes against holding their shape.

  2. Phosphorescence is a function of total light exposure. You can either shine an intense light briefly or expose it to moderate light for a long time. If it’s exposed for 8 hrs or so, my guess is that it will retain a dimming glow for 1+ hour. Exposing it to sunlight or blacklight will be even more effective, because it’s most reactive to the UV end of the spectrum. And I’m not talking about the included dinky keychain (although it will also work for a small spot). The glow is so weak because the entire putty isn’t phosphorescent. It’s basically a transparent putty filled with tiny phosphorescent specks (just like glow-in-the-dark nail polish).

Keep i mind that the Phantom Foxfire putty is also phosphorescent so it’ll glow-in-the dark.


Jut a warning. This stuff does stuck to fabric. It can be removed with a spoon,isopropyl alcohol, and some patience. My kids love it, but it can really make a mess if they forget it on the couch.

I have over 8 different versions of the stuff. It is every interesting and fun to play with. yes I am an adult as well. So this is fun for all ages. You can press it, stretch it, shape it. twist it. A couple that are really neat are the liquid clear one and magnetic ones.

They don’t keep their shape so you can keep playing with it over and over again. It is putty. Remember the old nutty putty eggs? This is similar but much more enhanced.

How is it enhanced? I bought Silly Putty eggs for $2-3 when I was a kid (90s). What makes this stuff three times better?

I egg which is .46 ounces for $2-3 and 20 years ago. This is 3.2 ounces per container, so total of 9.6 ounces. I can’t find regular silly putting online shipped for anywhere under $7. Plenty of people have outline why it is different, and videos for fuck’s sake. I guess you didn’t grow up with critical thinking abilities now that you are older?

Yeah, this isn’t the kind of stuff that you mold and expect it to keep it’s shape. What you’re looking for is clay.

And what makes this stuff better? Really? Sigh…

I got my son a tin of the ION Glow in the Dark putty for Christmas and I have to say…it glows pretty darn bright, in my opinion.

I’m an idiot, this is a three pack. <3

Thinking Putty has been a game changer in our house. This stuff is the BEST for kiddos (and adults) who need to touch or play with things while trying to focus.

It’s a great therapy tool for those who need finger strengthening for fine motor control.

Also great for non-special needs folks just to create with. You can’t go wrong with it!

  1. Remove it from fabric ASAP because it can stain with prolonged contact.

  2. Before you use isopropyl alcohol on fabric, make sure to test a small area first.

First of all, there is more putty in these tins than the old eggs. More importantly, there are additives that give it special characteristics. This set, for example, has 1) glow in the dark putty; 2) putty that changes color in UV light, allowing you to "draw "on it (see video above); 3) putty with a metallic gold color.

The company also sells transparent putty, magnetic putty, putty that changes color to body heat, etc. They’ll even mix a custom color for you.

Any chance it’s antibacterial? My coworkers will probably touch it.

Little to none.

The company keeps this on the down-low, so as not to look like they’re marketing against their exceptional employees, but this company is actually really rad. Read up here, and feel good about buying up their goods:

(Full disclosure: I wrote this story, and otherwise have no relationship with the company.)

This would make an excellent teachers gift as they use it in school to help ADHD and fidgety kids to get their work done. Especially if it’s a special ed classroom. I got a set last time they were on sale for our house (I have a fidgety kid) and it gets a lot of use. Also, more than one plastic dinosour has met it’s gooey end in the “tar pit”, so fun for any kid or adult really.