CREATOR/S - what are Creators?





Here are some thoughts: but really more questions

Are Creators perhaps artists of any sort that used to be Creators but feel like they have transcended?

Do creators need any schooling in their area of expertise or is it a gift?

Is being a Creator like everyone around you knowing you are the one with the gift, in all situations that require creativity?

Can a person who is only able to do one creative thing be worthy of their identity as a creator?

Is this the work of a Creator, Artist, hobbyist, imbecile ?
If I told you it sold to someone as a yard sculpture to use for fallen branches,?

Who made up the term?

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You get it, weird huh?

Signs you may have a thinking problem

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After sifting through all the comments, I gathered the best and worst of them and interestingly enough, there were more similarities than not. Even the same terminology was often used as each person thoughtfully expressed their thoughts and opinions and questions as it turns out.

Je ne comprends pas?

Or “Huh?” In the states.

I believe that most earth people have the capability to be creative, but now, Shirley Everyone will hesitate showing their creativity. I have know Shirley for years and they are exceptionally creative. Mr and mrs Everyone have sheltered Shirley to keep them from the bullying that results from people not understanding creativity and Creators specifically.

A few years back, the started to be used to describe people who came out to since the hierarchy isn’t understood.

Someone asking “you’re a creator right?” Or just, “you CREATOR!” It can be harmful and demeaning in a different order of course.

“My kids are creators”. We have all heard that and know that means that you’re talking to their Manager/parent because money is exchanging hands, usually advertisers paying big for the brats to smear their brands of paint on something. The followers ensure that the kids life as well adjusted intelligent kids then adults will never have a chance.

Young hustlers. A ‘side hustle’ sounded cute and was a dead on accurate term for people ‘creating’ there way to a job.



More incoherent nonsense that is more akin to a spilled bucket of legos on the floor. Wonderful.

Happy Friday to me, I guess. :man_shrugging:


I just created a huge dookie. Mom would have been proud.

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Good questions all around. We tackled they big topics freshman year in Art school…
No answers. Never answers, because the journey is too important to be bothered by answers.
I think of it like this…
A child is all creativity without skill. As a child grows, they learn methods, skills, craftsmanship, schemes, etc. to take their thought and render them in to something that can be shared. However, when the “experts” teach the “right” and “wrong” way of creating, the child’s raw imagination is often hampered. The raw expression is eroded by the technical.
Like a gymnast is all flexibility and the body builder is all muscle mass. If a gymnast became a body builder, at some point, they would lose the flexibility. This is how it is with creativity VS skill. It can be difficult to balance the two.
Makers make. Creators create. Craftsmen craft.
Making with saying anything or attempting to understand something more or solve a problem is just pilling stuff together. Most makers make to solve a problem or for the challenge of the thing.
Creators create for the sake of creating. The outcome may not even be the crucial, but the journey in the endeavor is where fulfillment is found. Many artists have “studies” a body of work with no desire to put on display or sell, but to understand more deeply something in their heart or in their head about the world around us.
Craftsman is where most people that make reside. Crafting cares only about the final, the expression is in the art of the doing and the continuing of self improvement as it can be seen in a final product. The growth is in the attention to detail, the sensitivity to the materials and the deeper understanding of how form can follow function.
In most artists, all three of these are found and to what end the artist is seeking will determine which of these are at the forefront of their endeavors at any given time.
These are not answers, but rather a starting point. A place to begin to understand the act of manipulating the world around you.

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Well said BLB, I feel like writing whatever comes to mind in this seemingly reality adjacent space. I did want to know what people though of the word. It just eased in after makers sometime. I think it validates some but it is focusing on people who make videos about products or using talent to do something creative, musical or whatever with it while making money. That’s where it’s headed according to retailers B&H etc. Most artists would hate being associated with creators and unless they mean to be crafty at all, it’s a statement. Crafts people are becoming accepted as contemporary artists though. Anyway, pretense is all it Is and there is a hierarchy that they thnk is clear to everyone. The MFA graduates are of corse at the top, but that certainly doesn’t automatically make them talented.

I taught stained glass classes, and I worked making stained glass windows for seven years.
I would find people that take a pattern out of a book and make the stained glass panel, and claim themselves artist because of their ability to choose the colors.
I however, designed, painting and built stained glass windows for seven years and struggle to call myself a stained glass artist. Very rarely was I able to have unrestricted creativity. I would design based on a client’s request/need. And because of that, I felt more like a craftsman and less like an artist. Sometimes repetition takes away the creativity…

“Making” with the exclusive purpose of making money always sets bad with me. You are beholden to a person, company or concept that will net profit. If you make what you feel and what you feel happens to resonate with the public then great. But most artists, especially the ones that outlast their own life, find that the public is about a generation behind what they are working on. The masses just have not collectively reached their thoughts because the artist is spending ALL their time thinking and creating, whereas the public at large is distracted by life. Only when the zeitgeist turns the corner do they begin the ponder that same as the contemporary artist, who is more often than not, long gone.

I have made plenty of money from designing shirts here on shirt woot, but I do not consider myself an artist in an sense when in comes to woot. I may have a handful of shirt that I find artful, but these are not the ones that well well.

I think if I felt confident enough in a given craft to make content, I would do it for the love of the craft not for the profit. I think the ones that seem to care and share, before profit are not often the most successful, but their sincerity comes through. My wife watches several homestead content creators on Youtube… One particular couple I hate. I think they were rich and built everything form their wealth and treat their homestead like and extended vacation. I don’t believe half the things they say. A different lady explains why she does what she does, is not sensational and goes into good detail. She shares because she cares; either that, or she’s a great actress…
I find that most artists are too busy making to make content.
Only once an “artist” reaches a specific comfort level in their lives do their switch to content. Either because they do not wish to share their secrets, or they no longer are profitable.