Crooked Couch

So bought it’s not even funny.

There are no appropriate words to describe this shirt, but… I like it.

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This shirt has Adonis DNA and tiger’s blood. It is that awesome!

Congrats, Boots and Edgar! I was waiting to see this one go up somewhere ^_^.

The artwork on todays shirt is very beautiful and vibrant. I think this shirt will sell out fast.

I do not see the couch.

Is this seriously a Edgar/BootsBoots collab? Did I just die and go to heaven?

One pill makes you larger and one makes you small, and if you go chasing rabbits…

It looks like Rainbow Bright ate a bag of skittles and it didn’t work out…

(Looks cool, but like a montage of crazy color)

edit apparently le wootbot will edit the brand that lets you taste the rainbow… odd

what the-

this is…interesting

I too have often wanted to eat me a tasty book. Awesome work guys.

Oh yeah, moratorium lifted for outrageously awesome shirt. :slight_smile:

Woah, how long did this take for you guys to create? There are so many little details to this I’m still finding things and probably will for the next hour or so.




Do I hate lemon shirts? Yes, I do.

But must I have this and wear this and love this?


Yes, I will, indeed.


I’m pretty sure this is what is referred to as a “gateway shirt.”

"You should hear how the colors taste.”
Yea for synesthesia.

the whispering pillow creeps me out the most xD

Cream color shirts are the worst. I own one, and I still love the design, but the color is just too awful to wear. Is this color actually popular?

I’m even breaking my “No Rainbows” rule for this one.


Why is that flower faceless?!