Cuisinart Brushed Stainless Power Blender - CBT500FR


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[color=red:dcf874d7d6]MORE RAM IN THE BOX PLEASE![/color]


Lowest Froogle Price: $49.99 (refurb)






Damn puter lagged on me or else i could of been first.
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I really wanted to get in on page one so I thought I would just say a few
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Then I thougt. Well there goes my page 1 post. And then I realized
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Like Steve Martin “Excuuuuse ME!”

So here’s what I have to say.


[color=darkred:828fb5bcb5] [size=18:828fb5bcb5] But seriously. I saw a gadget the other day that was a blender bullet. It was a base with a couple of bullet looking things. It was powerful. You could chop and such. It was $66 and after the whole demonstration I was impressed. So there. [/size:828fb5bcb5][/color]


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blender, sounds good think i’ll get one


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And what do we got, a Cuisinart?!? Sorry, had to be done.


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