Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Blender & Food Processor

YouTube video of product

We’ve had this for a few years now. It works great, especially on slicing or grating vegetables and cheese. The blender works beautifully as well so it makes a nice combo unit.

On the downside, it is quite loud and it’s not good for chopping nuts, onions, etc. because it tends to leave large chunks untouched while turning the rest into powder/paste.

At this price, it’s a steal… we just use another cheaper/smaller unit for the chopping tasks.

son of a —

it is glass. I want this - i want it bad and I do not know why - if i only knew what cased them to be refurbs.

how much is a new one? why are these refurbs? there must have been something really wrong right?

Amazon has mostly 1 star reviews, with the biggest grip being “it broke” - hence the many refurbs available! Makes sense…

How big are the blend and food processor, like how much room do they take up and the counter? Because they both look kind of small.

your link is a blank page

[Mod: It’s fixed now.]

I bought this last time on woot and used it today twice with excellent results.

It’s kind of loud but so is every food processor and blender you’re gonna find, so if you live in a house made of kleenex and your neighbor is a hibernating bear then don’t buy a food processor of you may get eaten.

So does the owner’s manual.

yeah, totally.

$45 at buy.coom

Its cheaper than eBay!(Well, the Chrome set anyway, let me know if you find the white set.)

$5o Bucks over at eBay (Similar Model)

Edit: My bad, similar, but not identical model
Here’s what I got on the identical model
eBay (Same Model)

When I first looked at the description, I thought how bizarre that Woot saw fit to have separate descriptions for the black and white models. Then I realized that the white capacity is slightly smaller.

Hmmmm … do I detect a bit of culinary racism based on color? :slight_smile:

What happened to the side deal???

The side deal became

Yeah - I get it now - I think the motor must be weak and or the blades must dull easily - the whole parmesean cheese being ablte to hault the blades completly is a dead give away.

I have a Bullet - I will stick with that for my small stuff.

I am in the market for a large blender however. LOL really Large, and Glass. My Vitamx 3600 started smoking on thanksgiving and i don’t think it will make it much longer.
Beats the hell out of me why - aren’t they suposed to last for ever? I was just puree ing pumpkins.

why why why?

I think this is a repeat of my very first Woot, all the way back on Jan 21 2005. It was $29.99 then. Ours is still going strong, btw.

This is a different model.

Four and a half years ago (7 may 2005), I Wooted one just like the white one. Three bucks cheaper (29.99). Possibly not the same exact model, but the blog from that far back doesn’t seem to be online any more. The base unit says FPB-5PC(TK) so even if it’s not the same, it’s a precursor model. I haven’t used it as often as I had expected to, but I’m still quite happy with it.

I’ve owned this model for 6 months - bought it at Sam’s Club for $50. It works great, but it’s loud. Especially the food processor (don’t know why, but it is louder). If you want the functionality and don’t mind the noise, this is the one for you. If you need a quieter experience when you’re mixing your veggies, best stick to a shy girl.

I had a similar model and used it almost exclusively to make protein shakes. The interface between the blender jar and the base is plastic, which can lead to a rather catastrophic failure:

The cracks in the base of the blade run the entire width of the base on either side of the blade, in case you’re having a hard time seeing them.

My current blender is an Oster, which has an all-metal drive, hence a much cleaner counter-top as of late.

Just purchased this item. Used it to chop vegetables once. Cut myself twice on the blade. The 1st time unwrapping it and the 2nd preparing for use. BE CAREFUL!