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I moved around a lot as a kid and never got to have one. Maybe I should make this my year? Seattle hills are well, hilly. :frowning:


can anyone advise me on bike sizes? I am 5’5"… was thinking of the 16" bike… does that sound right?
Also, does anyone have any experience with this bike? i can only find the reviews from Amazon…


Bike sizing is not quite that easy. It depends on body proportions, your level of comfort, etc. A critical measurement is the stand over clearance you are comfortable with. Best to go to a bike shop and try on a variety of sizes. Just to say that a 16" would be fine is not adequate without taking into consideration the length of the stem and the travel adjustment available on the seat & seat post combination. A bike shop can work with you to make sure that you are comfortable with how those all relate to each other and your comfort. What feels initially right might be a total pain after an hour.


It is not a couch! Enjoy the experience and consider that you are burning calories. Be patient and stick with it. Find others to ride with. It took me a while to get to it, but I commute 20 miles by bike a day and mountainbike the California San Diego on the weekends.


Finally some bikes on woot that I wouldn’t mind riding! Price is good.

It’s not a perfect science, but using a fit calculator can get you pretty close to there. Just grab a tape measure (and maybe a friend) and go through the calculator. This bike is mountain bike sizing. Once you have those measurements, go to the specs page of the bikes and figure out which one is closest to your proportions. Top tube length is generally the most important because most of the time you spend on a bike you spend on a bike.


I’m seeing conflicting things information on various sites. Does anyone know if this rack will fit an 07 VW Golf?


Generally you should go to the Yakima site and put your car in to check the fitting. I have an 07 VW Rabbit and when I was shopping for a rear hatch rack all the places said don’t get one if you have the above hatch spoiler (which I think almost all do). I opted with going for a used roof rack system because I didn’t want to chance it.


There is a nice Diamondback sizing chart here: Diamondback Frame Size Chart


Yakima’s site doesn’t have fitting for the MegaJoe anymore, only the Little, King and Super. That said, the King and Super are both listed as compatible.


I got the Yakima MegaJoe for same price on woot. Would not buy again. From what I can tell, these were sold in Big5 sports stores.

Quality is ok. Doesn’t fit alot of cars. I think it mainly only fits sedans. I bought mine for a road trip but ended up not using it. Now im trying to sell it on Craigslist but everyone who is interested ends up reading reviews and becoming not interested anymore.

At the swivel point, only 1 bar swivels. The other bar is a straight bar through a swivel. That makes it hard to mount on most cars.

It can just barely hold 3 bikes. But you would need to turn their handlebars sideways because its so crowded. So actually it would only reliably hold 2 bikes.

Lots of reviews say the side straps loosen as you drive so you have to keep retightening them.

The foam cylinder cushions also do not hold onto the car reliably and slide around. If they were rectangular cushions it would be better.


Bought a DiamondBack Ascent mountain bike in 1995. Lightest frame at the time that wasn’t aluminum and even after lots of use is still in great shape. Thought about getting a new one but for $500+ then I hope to get a few more years out of it.


Wasn’t this the same bike that was 249 last week… why is this not the same price? hah


This was that price in November…bummer I missed that price:


The 16" size would probably be okay. If you are a woman, you might find the reach to the handlebars too long…that’s assuming you have longer legs relative to your torso. Swapping out the stem would cost $20-50.

I don’t have personal experience with the model, but as a 28 year veteran of the bicycle industry, I can say it’s a decent enough bike judging by the specs. It will require assembly, a $50-100 job depending on your area, and what the shop includes in its builds…some are much more comprehensive (and quality) than others.


This is probably the most interesting spec, considuring that such a part doesn’t exist.


For what its worth, I got a 22.5" Trek 8.4DS, I am 6’5" and fit both the 21" and 22.5", the 22.5" just felt more “right.” I’d recommend going to a shop and trying out sizes if you are unsure.


My 1991 Diamondback Ascente - still on the road. Rode it in RAGBRAI last year just so I could say I road a 21 year old across Iowa, in heat.


Any one have the Rhode Gear Cargo Box? How much stuff does it hold? Is it easy to take stuff in/out of?


I still have the Schwinn I received as a Christmas present in 1973!