David's Cookies Cookie Dough

David's Cookies Cookie Dough

So David’s is the Omaha Steaks of cookies?

I’m trying to figure out how much THC would be in this in order to justify the price.

Seriously, whoTF would pay for this?

You’re getting 90 “fresh baked” cookies for $34. That isn’t crazy considering buying a buy of 36 David’s Cookies from Costco is $40.

While I’m not particularly interested, this really isn’t a bad deal. You get 96 cookies for $34 and that comes out to about 35 cents a cookie. You can’t get cookies from McDonald’s or Subway for cheaper than that.

To each their own I guess.

At 35¢, I’d be in for a buy. BUT, my math say they are 36¢ for each cookie…I’m out.
To be fair, I really want some of this, but my waistline says something totally different.

You could put some THC in a glass of milk and dunk your cookies…