Day Off

Cool concept… but the colors are too dim

Colors seem to be struggling. I can’t see details where I know they belong.

There’s too much “going on” in this shirt.

I agree about the colors. Nice design, but the background color doesn’t have enough contrast for it to stand out.

Interesting, but odd design. Too busy for a shirt I’d buy…

I just saw this in a commercial.

here here, dim colors, but I still might buy…

It’s too busy. Really cool artwork, but not great for a t-shirt.

its pretty great, but quite complicated not your standard tshirt. I will pass because I guess I don’t need reminders of bad traffic and late starts, but its cool.

I really like it…but I can’t see myself wearing it… :confused:

Meh… just looks amateurish and silly. I wish we could see more stylish and professional shirts… not something drawn by someone on a cocktail napkin during their lunch break. (And please, no more green shirts for a while!)

Check out the link to Uneetee at the top of this woot page. They have a really cool shirt for $10 (but the shipping is something like $4.86).

Sweet shirt, though.

This is the best one I’ve seen on here. The only thing I’m not 100% happy with is the title/explanation on the billboard. It’s still a cool shirt though.

Gratz cho, but like your others, I just really don’t like your style…

Thanks, but I’ll pass…

A very interesting design, but the shirt color is a little light considering all the white in the image. Still, another impressive shirt from Mr. Cho. Keep up the good work!

Seriously, when are they going to launch JamesCho.woot!?

Interesting design, but too busy for me.

James Cho doesn’t need any contest. Nice shirt and I’ve been waiting for another gray shirt.

Woot! Woot! More James Cho :slight_smile:

Please, oh please, print Powered by Monkey shirt from the last derby!

I like the guy floating away for his ‘Day Off’.
nice, subtle and muted colors.