Rodentian Gothic


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Missed the shirt? Click here to get it after June 22th!


Mmm, this looks cool.


Yessss so glad it won! In for one =D


No!!! Lighthouse!!!


Just received the cream money in/money out shirt today, and I can now officially say that I do NOT look good in cream. Damn!


Congratulations, Cho!

And sokowa - hope you have better luck this week. :slight_smile:


i BOUGHT one !


no offense, but lighthouse was better than this. This isn’t terrible, but lighthouse was better.


lighthoooouuuuuusseeeeeeeeeee…how will i get home now?


:frowning: I wanted coming home.


Was hoping for an unexpected 3-way tie… oh well.


Man, I really wanted the lighthouse one…

Oh well… congrats on the print, this is still a nice shirt. Can’t say I’m in for one though.


HOW DID COMING HOME NOT GET PRINTED!? Wow, I am so incredibly disappointed by this.


That’s how I felt during the ImagiNational derby. Fantasma… sob


Sorry Cho…this is nice but I don’t think this was really your week.

IMHO…Lighthouse and Bird’s Nest were better…not sure how they didn’t win.

Oh well…nice shirt though…



hooray! I was hoping for this one.


2nd week in a row woot doesn’t get my money, i wanted the green shir that didn’t win last derby (one with a circle peering into a forest) and today i wanted lighthouse really badly… but nope, woot is mad at me i guess!

from now on, i’m going to hope the shirts i want don’t make it, hoping that they do!

confusing, yes! but read it over a couple times and it’ll make sense!


It’s cute, it’s well done, it’s chooo!


Is it just me, or does Farmer Squirrel almost bear a slight resemblance to Admiral Adama?

Anyway, it GMV, and now I’m in for one and finally using the coupon that came with my Sansa e260 for my first shirt.woot.