Oooo neat, but my wardrobe needs more colors and less grey and black.


what is it???


love the design…

but my experience with the AA t-shirts is that anything close to the bottom looks a bit off…the shirts are nice and long, but that’s not so hot for designs in the southern region.


Love at first sight!

Thank you James Cho! Your designs rock!


I remember when you showed this off a few weeks back, nice to see you again Mr. Cho, great looking shirt. Nice colors.


This shirt is cool, but I’m running out of monies. Gonna try to limit myself to 1-2 shirts a month…too many!


YEAH!!! Cho’s back!

Pretty please come back to the derby :slight_smile:


Hasn’t there already been one kinda like this earlier in the week?


it’s a nice design, but I question the positioning of it on the shirt…


Thought there might be a special shirt offered for the 100th shirt.woot. Congrats shirt.woot!


In for one - Love the colors - hope it prints as faithful as the screen shows…


not so sure about design placement on the shirt.


A Cho shirt I can buy


Yoinked, looks cool


AWESOME urban design!!! In for one, hopefully it will show up well in reality.


this is Design #99 - you can’t really count Launch. *Wait for tomorrow *…


condition: Metropolitan
product(s): 1 Asphalt Woot Tee (4127)

remniscent of a car engine, or am I waaay off?


Wow, Cho… totally amazing that after not seeing your designs around here for a while I took one look at the comp image and said “That’s gotta be a Cho original”. You have a definite style, man.


dropped the hammer and got it. Jeez.