Dell Mystery 11" 2-in-1 Convertible Notebook

Dell Mystery 11" 2-in-1 Convertible Notebook

I really need one of these but am leery about taking a chance. My luck is usually bad but if I happen to get a secret message, like Morse Code or Indian fire codes or something, telling me I’d get a good one, I’ll roll the dice.

Dell is a very dependable company. Id roll the dice…

Are these the same ones people reported getting last time that were only $10 cheaper than the normal price for that model?

Well it depends on the condition as well as the inner workings but i think the prices are very fair.

Dell has multiple configurations on their site, and the “$10 cheaper” was actually comparing to their non-convertible model.

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the uncertainty of getting an Intel or AMD based one is bad. there will be a huge performance difference between the two.

First of all, why would you even want a convertible? They are only good in the warm weather and if it is raining then you have to put the computer top up.
Secondly, by stuffing 2 into 1 I would think that it gets rather crowded in there and most people hate a crowded computer because when you get a cramp in your leg then you have no place to stretch it even if it is a convertible on a warm and sunny afternoon.


It’s convertible in the sense you can convert it from laptop to tablet mode. I would not recommend using this in the rain in either configuration.

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If being thrown scraps from the table is your diet. Then this deal is for you.

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Question is… are these a new “random” batch or is it mostly all the ones that people returned from last month’s similar offer?


Ull probably get one with on board memory and on board flash hard drive and be left with a super slow non upgradable computer… but u can always return to woot and just say it doesnt work if u get a turd like that…

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I had my reservations last time too, but someone pointed out that I could return it if it was really bad. In the end, I got a new quality, red, middle of the pack laptop to throw in my purse and go and not be worried about. It was short on memory but I removed McAfee and that freed up a LOT space and I’m going to get a mini SD for storing things (docs). I’m happy.

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Last year, I returned a Dell notebook which had only 32GB of non upgradeable emmc storage because it came with a limited version of Win10 when it upgraded to normal Win10 the upgrade hung and no matter how much bloatware I deleted I couldn’t get it to work. I replaced it with a notebook with 64GB emmcstorage which runs fine.

I got two of these from two very recent deals that were identical to this one. I ended up with two same items.
Look up the service tags and this is what the Dell web site came up with …

Dell Inspiron 11 3185 2-in-1
The spec is AMD A6 Processor at 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM and 32 GB MMC.

The most disappointing thins it that this thing is not up-gradable at all. Yes I opened it - and there is no place to put a notebook hard drive and no memory socket at all. The YouTube video below sums it all up.

Well - at least there is 4 GB of RAM. However I know that Windows 10 will have a very hard time to upgrade itself when a new version comes out. Some people put an extra micro SD card to increase storage. That’s cool - but I don’t think that would help on the Windows 10 version upgrade though.

Linux mint is working out great on one of them. I am still wondering what to do with the other one. It is supposed to be my son’s PC.

With 40% chance of getting something better than a 32GB MMC … mathematically buying a third one would get me that … but I have a feeling that would not be the case.

Goo luck to all of you who purchased.


Yep, not to demean the product, but, yes, I do, I suppose… these are the “turd sandwich” of budget 2-in-1s. And I do like Dell in general but their “budget” stuff, is, well, “budget.”

For the Windows upgrade, I would say they (Microsoft) got a lot better about this. Some versions a few years ago (early Windows 10) were impossible to upgrade. It wanted 10GB for space to work on a system that only have about 6GB spare out-of-the-box. You could try SDs but depending on when/how you used them, you’d get (can’t install from this device)
Here is what I found works best. If you can spare the time… but that makes me question why not just a better system to begin with? Unless you like messing with computers, which, unfortunately, I do. On another Windows PC, you can run a program to download a Windows 10 ISO and load it onto USB stick (16GB is OK). Then, boot the “turd” PC using this and do a full install. You will lose any custom drivers but most will come back after the upgrade. You’ll lose the crap-ware that was already on it, but you’ll get new Windows crap-ware which you have to remove. (Unless you are lucky to get one with a Windows 10 Pro license and then you can cut the crap…)

Honestly I wanted to buy one of these last time but didn’t. Now I was tempted again. I had to ask myself one question… “Do I feel lucky, Punk?”

Decided not to order.

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I may just put Linux on the second one too. Linux simply runs faster than Windows. Yes, I am tempted to get a third one too … but I am biting my arm right now … trying to tell myself a third one is probably a very bad idea.

I still have an hour to ponder about this …

Did not pull the trigger on this. Can get one in eBay much cheaper.

He didn’t take the heatsink off. Even the ones with the removable memory have the ram slot under the heatsink with the RAM touching it, so it doesn’t really help much with regards to whether or not that one could have accepted more RAM, since we couldn’t see anything with the heatsink on.

But one thing thst is for sure is that if it you get the 32gb emmc version, you can’t add another storage drive, internally. Only if it comes with a 2.5" drive is the internal storage upgradable.

I was wondering if the RAM is soldered onto the motherboard as well. But … like you said with 32 GB eMMC … it is simply not worth the upgrade even if I can stick a 8GB version of RAM in it.

Most Linux distributions do not work well. Two that worked are Linux Mint and Ubuntu. However the latter is slow … that that’s a shame.

Another thing I did is simply to delete all the partitions and re-installed Windows 10. I think that gave me a little more space - but at the expense of not having the recovery partition.

Exactly the specs I got. Exactly the same process of researching upgrade option. Exactly the same disappointment.