Dell OptiPlex 3020 SFF Desktop 500GB HDD

Dell OptiPlex 3020 SFF Desktop 500GB HDD

A computer that costs scarcely more than a new Win 10 Pro license – excellent. Yes, the processor is from 2014, but it should still have enough raw ‘oomph’ to do basic tasks. Don’t expect to do any gaming or anything on this, but for day-to-day use I expect that it should work fine, though if you decide it needs an upgrade the very first thing I’d do would be to slap a cheap SSD in there and clone the hard drive onto it (using a free tool like Macrium Reflect). Do note, however, the lack of Wifi; if you aren’t planning on running cable to it, be prepared to use a dongle.

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I don’t see an HDMI port. Will this limit it’s graphics capability? Will it run a 2560 X 1440 monitor?

I upgraded recently to something close to this and it’s been a decent improvement in performance for Zoom calls over an old AMD Athlon. I agree with chiasticslide, you probably want to clone this over to an SSD, 250GB drives are now available for ~$30 or less these days, but after that it should make for a solid web browsing, Zoom, and Remote Desktop machine.

No fancy games, but old retro sprite-based games from the 90s should work fine.

I hope you’re trying to be /s there. This is a 2014-launched processor (that still sells for ~$100 by itself) with 8GB of ram with an OS license and a KB & mouse. All that alone is a pretty incredible deal for $149. This can do a LOT more than 8-bit sprites.

Hi there. It has DisplayPort which is comparable. Many manufacturers moved to DP because HDMI has a licensing fee for each unit. If your monitor doesn’t have DP, you can get an HDMI to DP adapter.

Here’s the specs for this graphics chip with this CPU:

These have DisplayPort ports; you’ll be able to connect to HDMI with an adapter.

Will this computer support Miracast (so that I can use a Miracast receiver that I already own)? Also does this computer support audio output over the DisplayPort interface (so that I can use a DP to HDMI adapter)?

There are people who turn these into budget gaming PC’s. I’ve seen people paint and mod them on reddit. Not everyone needs or wants a $2000 water cooled 8k gaming pc.

I’m typing this on my gaming pc, with an i7-3770, which is a 1 generation older than this i5. Runs just fine. Just keep in mind this is a small form factor PC, so you are limited with what you can do with it. But as others have said, for general use this is very solid.

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Thoughts on how this would perform as a dedicated Plex media server? Seems reasonably spec’d out. Presumably would be processing video up to 4K directly on the Plex server.

Thanks. I had to do the adapter thing on my laptop to run it on my TV.

Me too – i7-3770k/GTX 1060 here. Still chugging along. The performance of the GT1030 is surprisingly higher than I expected. But you’re still looking at finding a GT 1030 or other low-profile, low-power card, which seem to be going for around $80-ish.

This would be overkill for a Plex server. It would run easily for years, IMHO.