Dell OptiPlex 7060 Intel i7 Micro PC

Dell OptiPlex 7060 Intel i7 Micro PC

…willing to trade 3 spare bags of baby thumbs

" * Wirelessly connect to a Wi-Fi signal or hotspot with UBD WiFi dongle included"

The what?

The Intel i7-8700T CPU is listed as compatible with Windows 11.

I just got a lenovo pc with the same processor and specs from work. It is perfectly capable. The problem I have is the fan. It’s a small for factor case, and it has a laptop style fan that winds up and turns into a desktop hair dryer.

As purchased from Woot, the Dell 7060, with an i7-8700T CPU came with a 90-watt power adapter which limits the speed to 0.8 GHz. At that speed, it does not qualify for the Window 11 update. You need to change to a 130-watt adapter to run the CPU at its rated 2.5 GHz speed. At this speed, it then is compatible with Window 11 upgrade,