Dell Venue 11 Pro Intel i5 Tablet

I have had one of these tablets for quite some time now and it’s a great little machine. It may be a little small for a primary system, but it’s fantastic as a secondary machine.

I highly recommend the docking keyboard which adds an additional battery and turns the tablet into a small laptop. The keyboard can be purchased new direct from Dell for around $100.

That said, this one is listed as “open box” which makes me believe it’s a used or refurbished unit. You can find this same model on eBay for $400 refurbished with a 1 year Dell warranty.

You can find used machines on eBay including the docking keyboard for less than $400.

YOU guys have a big problem. When you list a laptop or any other computer someone is buying them all before the average buyer is out of bed. You guys don’t care because you’re moving inventory,but those of us who have been buying since before Amazon are not happy. You have a problem and don’t know or don’t care.

Our Moofi sales have limited quantity as they’re open box. Sorry for the frustration.