Derby #180 (Complementary Colors): Honorable Mentions

Good group; sad to see odysseyroc absent from the list.

Agreed. Lots of great picks here, but I was hoping to see odysseyroc and Andy47240 on this list as well…

Same thought here.

I didn’t catch that great Edgar entry during the derby, though.

oh no! where is odysseyroc?

was an amazing entry!

Ha! I came to moan about the dearth of odroc only to find that everyone else did, too.

Actually, I’m also surprised Boots’ Vinyl and not the dragon got the HM…

Thanks everybody. I was really hoping for an HM on this one, bummer.

Why oh why do you keep ignoring Kaseyfleming’s designs? :confused:

And odyssey was also snubbed. Quite sad to see.


Congrats Walmazan! You got my vote next double take.

I agree with everyone else - Odessyroc, you got robbed!

Gotta agree with everyone, because odysseyroc should have gotten an HM. Still surprised that it ever came out of the fog to begin with.

No kidding! Jeez… that’s really sad to see :frowning:

Good job on the rest of the picks, though.

Some nice entries in here - congrats all. Thanks for the HM woot!

I felt the exact same way about yours. We wuz robbed!

Andy and odysseyroc–

Look at the bright side, in less than 60 days you can resubmit elsewhere–and both designs were far and away print worthy so I’d like to think you won’t have to shop it around long.

Everyone on this list? They’ve got to make the hard choice–go with the same freedoms you’ve been given, or stick around for a few more months until the next double take.

See? It’s a gift. :slight_smile:

…though a free shirt would have been nice…

Congrats to everyone!

Thanks for the mention!

Thanks for the wooty love, woot!