Derby #284: Double-Take Derby 19

Yay! Double-Take!

Yay! Excellent timing!

We’re looking at getting the following derbies in this double-take:

“Derby #266: Single Line” through “Derby #280: Gamer Lifestyle” (minus “Derby #267: Double-Take Derby 18”.)

We’ll include 281+ in the next DT. We wanted to have this one earlier but the Ed. Choice week and Mentions of Honor sale would have really messed with the holidays, so we pushed it back a bit. Hope you all had a great vacation!

Our teamup is in this one my friend!!

Hooraaay. I have two (both third place vote getterers coincidentally):

Here’s everything I have in this double take.

Hooray! Thanks for the break, Travis! I have three this time, one with kevlar51. Happy New Year, everyone!

Here are links to each of the Honorable Mention threads.

Derby #266 (Single Line): Honorable Mentions
Derby #268 (Crosshatch Redux): Honorable Mentions
Derby #269 (Worst. Job. EVER.): Honorable Mentions
Derby #270 (Propaganda…FOR SCIENCE!): Honorable Mentions
Derby #271 (Shirt as Costume Redux): Honorable Mentions
Derby #272 (College Shirts): Honorable Mentions
Derby #273 (Animals as People): Honorable Mentions
Derby #274 (Monsters, Robots, and Aliens!): Honorable Mentions
Derby #275 (I Recycle): Honorable Mentions
Derby #276 (Greece): Honorable Mentions
Derby #277 (Caffeine): Honorable Mentions
Derby #278 (Choose Your Own Art-Venture): Honorable Mentions
Derby #279 (Food): Honorable Mentions
Derby #280 (Gamer Lifestyle): Honorable Mentions

I couldn’t remember whether I had any HMs and ended up looking them all up.
It turns out there are two.

I have three, yey!

Cool! I have 4 this time…


Ooh! I hope I can get your coffee shirt in this one!! I was soooo disappointed last time when it didn’t print. :slight_smile: All of your designs are GREAT!

Any chance we’ll get a head start/hint on next week’s Derby theme?

Wow! This is gonna be a really awesome double take!! So many great designs :smiley: I think I have 5 for the occasion! :smiley: Good luck to everyone!!:smiley:

Yes please? I got a new wacom tablet for christmas and want to try it out! (#stupidgraphire4notworkingwithwindows7)

Not that a new tablet will make me a good designer, but STILL… :wink:

It certainly can’t hurt!

My thoughts exactly - Mrs. Lyonscc got me a Wacom Bamboo for Christmas and I’m hoping to try it out, as well (not that it will suddenly make me a good designer, either…)

No kidding! I’m waaay to lazy with holiday food-coma syndrome to do anything. Thanks, woot guys!

So, no voting this week? Nothing is showing up on the derby page except the derby description and the share icons.

Wow, come on guys, submit those print-ready files!:

If you’re in the fog, or want to be considered for an editor’s pick or the Mentions of Honor sale… SEND US THE PRINT ART!