Derby #65 (Shirt as Costume): Honorable Mentions


Thanks for the nod!

Great to see David Shenoda’s design on here!

but now I’m really confused. If it’s so against the rules that woot rejected it, how can they then give it an Honorable Mention?

Woot can decide to print anything they want. Derby shirts have to follow the derby rules, which include text limitations, but they can include anything they like in the Do-Over derby.

Thanks for the HM guys. Wonder if I’ll ever actually win anything. :slight_smile:


thanks for the nod guys! this shirt took me much longer than it should’ve but it was worth it just to be mentioned with some really great designs this week!

i kinda wish ‘did i do that?’ grabbed an HM…

ARE YOU KIDDING? A REJECTED shirt gets an HM? Pathetic. Also, did woot not read what he typed and what not AFTER it got rejected? Give me a break.

I really want to see "…and then I was like BOOO! by DavidShenoda " printed, I love that shirt design

It’s actually not the first rejected shirt to receive an HM.

I know of at least one other…this one:



Double Take:

So, it seems like anything is fair game for an HM.

I think the first one to receive an HM despite rejection was Zenne’s Revolution entry. I also think there were a few others that were rejected for text but then got HMs anyway.

David turns in consistently solid work. He’s one of the better unprinted derby particapants, imho. He has something to learn about keeping his cool, but he’s had a lot of history of people sniping at him in his derby entries, too; I can see how he might’ve lost his head and said some things he shouldn’t have. He’s not blameless, but neither is he, imho, a total jerkface.

Also, as others have pointed out, woot can give HMs to anyone they’d like, and there’s a precedent for giving them out to rejected designs.