Derby #73: Optimism

This won’t turn out well.

Oh God no.

Hm I’m excited about this theme. Good choice…now let’s see what I can come up with, if anything XD I’m rather afraid of what this theme might bring though

We sarcastic ones are going to have difficulties with this XP

I’m sure you can do something bitterly sarcastic and it’ll look optimistic to most people anyway :stuck_out_tongue: After all, there’s no text to explain it right?

HA! For some reason that “Youbetchucan” design comes to mind… I see a lot of yellow shirts in your future… hmmmmmm

Edit: Of course they have to pick this theme just as I’m coming down with a cold and feel like carp…

oh boy… because being misconstrued is totally what I’m looking for. L O L

nah, I can muster up an idea that’s optimistic. It’s just not the first that comes to mind.

It’s raining like mad here today. How appropriate! or not…

This immediately came to mind:

would you think a zombie president like george washington for example on a yellow shirt would be a cheery design? it’s like…although i’m dead, i’ve still got your back…

Darn, I have a design I’ve been holding onto for a loooong time that would work for Pessimism. Can I submit it and say “this is just showing what it’s like if you’re not optimistic”? :wink:

Just finished an exam an hour early, so I guess I’m feeling a bit happy. Oooh… and just had an idea for a simple design. I guess I should head home.

And cmon Jaden - you’re like the cheeriest person ever. :slight_smile:

JW, I’m wearing From Your Sink Since 1900 as I type. It came out great.

Anyway, someone needs to call dibs on a really artsy “glass half full” idea. Because I know how much our Shirt.Woot Artist Corps loves puns.


I think an optimism theme is appropriate given what’s been going on the last couple of days around these parts.

The glass has a safety factor of 2. Engineering jokes ftw!

I just wanted to add this: I hope there are some great entries for this derby.

See what I did there? YEAH. (I apologize for this… I’m experiencing post-exam hoorays).

Well… Let see how this turns out. Interesting subject, means interesting designs. Can’t wait to see what comes up. Good Luck Everyone!

hopefully not fewer designs though, and judging by the number of comments so far, that might be the case :confused:

OOPS wrong week. This should be great!

This could be interesting.Or it could be really disastrous. I guess we’re gonna have to be optimistic.

I’ve already got one idea lined up. Hopefully my computer won’t crash and die on me this time ( now that ,my friends, is optimism).

I killed a bird last week and you’re saying I’m the cheeriest person ever? :wink:

I’m thinking an excited stick figure guy submitting a derby entry of a stick figure guy. :slight_smile:

So I’m kinda feeling crappy today and have all the stress from pre-xmas season and bills to pay all in one month, so I did a google image search trying to find cute pictures for ideas to cheer me up… so I stumble up on this:

hmmmmmm… not so much…
this is going to be hard sigh