Derby entry comments for Derby #130: Nightmares

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this is what causes nightmares. it’s science.

moon shadows.

6 colors on navy.

Eating pizza late at night gives me the strangest dreams…

Some detail

I hope you like it

An innocent dream about cell reproduction goes horribly awry…

Thanks to Mavyn for the advice and Boots for the shirt template.

I love the colors, awesome stuff!


what teddy bears dream about - based on my belief that all stuffed bears are terrified of the ones with honey in them.

and his name that sat on him was death :open_mouth:


That bear is freaking awesome

Sometimes when I was little I used to confront my nightmares.

Twenty minutes ago, you finished the largest double-bean burrito you had ever seen. You are walking casually down the street and then…panic. You rush into the first place you find and, thankfully, there is a readily available restroom. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh. You breathe a sign of relief and then turn and reach to the side…(Dramatic music here. Either BUM, BUM, BUMMM, or SKREE, SKREE, SKREE)… an EMPTY ROLL!

Thanks to Morgan for her help this week.

Based on the baku - a Japanese spirit called upon to devour one’s nightmares, and titled after the request given to do so when you wake from a bad dream.

Larger comp can be found here:

I had a lot of fun with this one - hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile:

Is that the space monkey? lol

I wrote a haiku.

Resembling eggplant,
Why does it haunt me this way?
Time to wake up now

HAHAHAHAHA. Oh man. I really like this a lot. <3 This made my day. :slight_smile: Thanks, Ramy.

The Guardian.

“When night falls and the children sleep the nightmares come out to play. But tonight the dreams will be peaceful because the child will have his guardian protecting him from harm.”

Just an idea I had last night. The spirit of the ever watchful teddy bear is protecting his owner from a nightmare.


rotflmao ramyb this is great. It reminds me of something out of Good Omens (which is a wonderful book, by the way, go read it!). gmv

The colors and side-placement are wonderful, tan. I have become a fan of your work and this is another fine example. :slight_smile: gmv