Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

Patrick, I think your calendar is broken. April fools day is still a couple months away.

The ThinkGeek version:

but the mouth is downturned… seems pretty much like agony to me.


Thanks Jas!

Ditto, this is super cute, yet disturbing. My exact kind of thing to wear, hahaha. :smiley:

The red looks great, and the robot is so cute. Nice work!

The wolf looks like a caspian sea wolf. :3

I swear I’ve seen this at Hot Topic or something before…


I always love your fish designs, Jas :slight_smile: the speckles look really good! simple but naturalistic.

Soon, Kali Ma will rule the world!

the tin man needed a heart because he was kind of a jerk

Thanks. Hopefully woot will pick a color that works for asphalt. They’ve been really good lately with the prints I’ve seen.

I don’t know if I’m on board with the design this week (maybe it’s the shirt color), but I loooooove your style (I think I might have said that before)! Good luck, this really is a fantastic illustration.

I like it on the red! well done.

Don’t cry Tin Man! YOU’LL RUST!

Here’s a link to a larger composition:

Thanks as always guys!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hmm… if this thing starts slipping, I might do that as a resub. I was trying to make it as simple as possible to evoke Don Johnson without going overboard. Suggestions?

I admit I was pretty mad when I saw this, as I have had it with the tiger jokes. But, Im really glad it was done with at least some kind of positive energy. Very happy about that, guys :). Hugs!

Okay, this is seriously too cute!