Derby entry comments for Derby #35: Spring

gorgeous! I loved your design last week sniff, and hope this rises in the ranks quickly!

Beautiful art! Unfortunately, I just don’t see me wearing it on a shirt.

I wish the daffodils were more noticeable. The yellow shirt kind of absorbs them. Just a thought. Otherwise, nice clean lines.

I like the mother nature one on the yellow. Thanks for posting the link, even if you didn’t submit it this time.

Gotta feel sorry for the butterflies.

Holy crow! That’s a lot of Green Men. They’re all distinctly different, though… won’t Woot let this stand? After all, there hasn’t been a Green Man shirt made by Woot yet, has there?

Or will it be tossed just on sameness of concept?

Thanks. Yeah, I don’t think this is for everyone. I do hope there are some other pompano enthusiasts hanging around the derby. When spring arrives, I cant wait to hit the beach in hopes of a pompano dinner.

Woot is incredibly fickle about “sameness of concept”.

hey super! i like your green man face.

but, erm… as a fellow artist… YOU DRAW ON LINED PAPER???

does not negate my feelings for you or green man face. ;j

Very nice!

Hey thanks. I wondered if people would think that the faces were just too weird. Going to use them for Mother’s Day fo sure!. But, glad you like it seeing the original design in its entirety. Gives you an additional insight as to who I am at least. :slight_smile:

Um… WOW!

Hope you like it.

Great work on the highlights, and the little punch of blue is definitely cool-looking.

Edgar… Love it!!!

Hey, Kid. Welcome to the unofficial Greek myth appreciation club. :slight_smile:

Tell me about it.

Awesome character, I love how small his legs are- it’s like they’ve atrophied while he was hibernating, lol.

Nice line art!

Om nom nom nom nom butterflies!