Derby entry comments for Derby #40: Motherhood

No, I’m sure the Woot staff is aware of the movie reference. It is just the movie was about child abuse. That is what they found to be offensive.

Thanks :slight_smile:
This is my second week of submitting a design. I’m still trying to figure out what appeals to the widest group of people. I guess “cute” isn’t it. Oh well.

Your the only artist that can make me vote for cute. Plus I look great in Yellow. Good luck.

Voting is not over, but if you haven’t bought anything from a Woot site (there are… what… four of them now) you won’t be able to cast a vote. If you buy something between now and the end of the derby next week then you can come back here and vote for any shirts you like. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words. :slight_smile:

I love the detailed lines in the hair.

Wow, there’s no denying its original.

Refreshingly gross.

alright i fixed up the shirts…now i think the only thing i dont understand is the last submission…“the hige file” can you explain that for me. How I do it or what it means. I really appreciate it.

Nice. I’m a teacher. I’d wear this at work.

In order to vote, you must buy something from any of the woot sites. You have not done so as of yet, therefore you cannot see the voting buttons. I suggest you go over to and purchase today’s item so you can vote too!

Makes me think of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Your largest file will be the image that they use to print the shirt. It needs to have each color on a seperate layer and should be no larger than 16"x20" at 300 dots per inch.

Very cute


Ah, ok. Ty.

So if im using photshop…do i just make the background of each layer…the colors that are in the shirt design? Or do I need to actually enlarge the design? and also add additional layers?

Cows ftw!

Vlasic pickles! DUH

Oooh… less than a dollar! What a steal. :slight_smile:


I’ll take it a step further in version 2.