Derby entry comments for Derby #429: Southeast States

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I’m from PA, it’s in our residency contract to visit OBX. Also, Pirates are cool.

South Caroline! BUM BUM BUMMM!

-My home state since I was 6- This is dedicated to all the southern belles who love their wine!

I lived there for 15 years and we always referred to it as “God’s Waiting Room”! Love this. It fits so well into the style of your other submissions.

Pigskin detail.

I lived there for 15 years so I HAD to represent!

HA! I like it.

Other potential city names:
Ark York
Ark Diego

Thank you so much - You’re right that Florida is target-rich when it comes to geriatric jokes :slight_smile:

It’s not called the Peach State for nothing!

you should have included a peach crack.


Ironically, South Carolina was not very successful at seceding.

I didn’t have a shirt color in mind when doing this entry, and when I put it on “grass” I started cracking up. A grass themed shirt, on “Grass”? Kismet.

thanks sonofish :slight_smile:

A very well-deserved +1 just for that sweet subtympanic scale.

I hope y’all like it!
I’ve been chewing on the idea of the Mickster as a ROUS for several months. This was a perfect derby for me to fulfill this idea!

Well, Texarkana is easy. It is split down the middle by U.S.59 with Texas on one side and Arkansas on the other. Louisiana is nearby. I guess they couldn’t just call it “Texark”, so they add in the “ana” from Louisiana.

Wow… Less than 2 months ago, this was the best I could do. (And you would not believe how long it took me.)
I’m still using MS Paint for most of the work, and GIMP for the layers. But I learn more every time. This is turning into a fun hobby.

Wish me luck!

Growing up, when we’d drive to Texas, it always seemed like we were hitting Arkansas about the time that we kids were a little slap-happy, and the place names there were always funnier in the car than in the real world.

Fun design.

Love the look of the water.