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Four colours on lemon!

There are exactly 42 visible honeycombs in this design, stretching vertically down the left side of the shirt (when you are wearing it - right to the viewer).

Why 42? 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. If you know about it, it’s a fun little bonus to the design. If you don’t know or don’t care - well, it doesn’t really matter then. :slight_smile:

Close-up of the bees. Each of the three is subtly different:

People let me tell you 'bout my new best friend,

My Pet Bee!

My Pet Bee!

6 colors on navy. thanks for looking!

The sounds of the battle rage on. Coccinellidae vs Mantodea . . . Red vs Green. The fight for a Dynasty.
In the midst of the Insect Wars two arch enemies stumble upon each other. The din of the war suddenly fades into the distance as the two champions face off. Both are aware of each other’s skills. Their reputations are praised in songs and painted on scrolls. It almost seems a shame, but there can only be one warrior who is victorious. . .

Those were the days, back in the lazy summers of my teenage years. Back behind the housing development where my family lived was a farm with a small stretch of wetland nearby. My good friend Tommy and I used to head out to the muddy waters and skip stones across the tranquil surface of a small pond. We could sit and listen to the frogs croaking or tie some line to a stick and go fishing… all we ever caught were strange bits of metal, of course, but it was fun nonetheless.

I loved to sit and watch the little birds hunt for sticks and bits of grass to weave into their nests. And darting back and forth among the cattails you could sometimes glimpse a brightly colored dragon… fly… what the?

What in the world is that thing? Is that a stinger on the end of its tail? Holy cow, there’s more of them! And why are they grinning at us? Tommy, forget the fishing poles, just run! Run for it! Sweet monkey Jebus, they’re swarming! Let’s get the heck out of here as fast as… oh no… Tommy… no… get up man, this is not time for… come on… please get up… Tommy… Tommy!

Fruit fly love may all be fabricated by the evil “Scientists,” but there is an epic love story waiting to unfold…

In the world of the fruit flies, there is no love. Subject to the cruel abuse of the “Scientists”, the poor creatures are objectified and considered soulless, seen for their phenotypes and nothing more. Wild-type eyes, honey, brown, vermillion, white - that’s all they see. But they don’t see the HEART.

It seemed like just another arranged marriage. But what began as a match made in Laboratory would turn out to be a match made in Heaven.

This is a timeless love story that spans generations! Days later, their many descendants would still remember their tale. The genotypes would live on.

Obviously, the text is NOT part of the design - just an attempt at clarification.

Cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast. I hope they don’t use this knowledge against us.

Large detail image. Four colors on brown. Thanks for looking!

His whole life flashed before his eyes.

Thanks for your comments!

For my girlfriend. GMV!

This is hilarious! :slight_smile:

After a nuclear holocaust, the only survivors are roaches and Twinkies. I know this isn’t a favorite color, but I thought it went well with the Creme filling. L O L

Great job Myz!

I’m back!

This is an old family joke, made into a drawing. If you have to keep stopping and going back to fix stuff it’s a “spider with hiccups”. Hope you like it.

Please help find the missing Spider.

Side note: I’ll be away at least part of the weekend, so please excuse me if I don’t respond to questions right away.