Derby #48: Bugs



Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave:

No Way Out (Tangled Web Remix)

I have an unsubmitted bug design… now I have to figure out how to tweak it.


For your consideration:

very cool! Also very happy that the rule has been set for other types of ‘bugs’. Awesome woot!

Woohoo!!! Praying mantis and spider will be making a comeback!!!

whoa. creepy! looking forward to making something for this one.

Aw man, I’m not a big fan of bugs. I’m gonna be skeezed out this whole derby.

I’m sure the winners will still be ridiculously cute.

This is great! I suggested this theme yesterday!

I wish I had a drawing ready.

Hope we don’t get too many kiddie designs. I need mean and scary.

I have a great idea except it depends on the bugs spelling out a word. Which would probably trip the Rejectionator in this case. Ah well.

yeah, you still can’t have the creatures spell anything…

I’m hoping we’ll see plenty of both, as well as a few crazy designs.

(image removed)

Created with “Home” in mind, but finished too late for submission. It’s actually too similar to “Follow the Leader”. Any suggestions on how I can tweak it?

well, as I am extremely arachnophobic, I do already feel quite shaky about the idea of opening my derby-rss-feed tomorrow…

Aww… poor thing. Maybe you should just stay away for a week. There will many arachnids, I guarantee you.

Same with me. I love watching and voting in the derbies, but I might sit this week out. I can’t even think about spiders without my skin crawling…and there it goes.

I want to draw a cockroach holding a nuke, or something like that.

The Derby #48 Cyberpub. If we’re not chillin’ around here, check over there. All are welcome.

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the no text rule is getting to be a bit too common in my opinion… :-/