Derby entry comments for Derby #60: Autumn

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Nature’s Fall harvest personified in a female form rising from between Summer, Winter and Spring. She blooms the fruits of fall including grapes, oranges, avocados, tangerines, and more. The base upon which she stands has the sun of summer on one side, winter’s snowflakes on the other and the flowers of spring at the very bottom. Fall and her harvest grow between the summer and winter markings in the base. Thank you for your votes.

edit: An avocado runs alongside the nature form to mimic the female shape. In case it’s not immediately evident. :slight_smile:

detail of the lady
detail of the halftones

Thanks! :smiley:

I tried to avoid using a tree, but I had to do it. Thanks for your consideration.

This design started off as a leaf-less tree wearing a giant toupee, but it turned into what you now see. Please enjoy.

Leaves take on life and let the wind carry them to their final destination.
I chose a scratchy style to help convey the free flow nature of the leaves.

Trying something a little different.

I went with center placement, comments aqppreciated

Autumn Harvest
The abundance of Autumn. For centuries the cornucopia has been a symbol of the abundance of autumn.

We were thinking along the same lines for this one ELS! Nice design. Great work with the halftones too.

yum! worms eat holes in things.

reminds me too much of this.

Some people did not see the dog, maybe picture helps? :slight_smile: I made a simpler squirrel, thought I’d throw this one in anyway

I like it.

Thanks for looking. I’ll post a larger picture later. The trees got a little pixelly when I shrank it down to size.

nice! love the fall nod to the very hungry caterpillar. :slight_smile:

Those stubborn evergreens just don’t get into the colorful spirit of autumn.

Beautiful and unique as always. My monitor is old, is the tee black or brown?

Thanks, kls! :smiley:

The deciduous maple leaf giraffe changes colors in the fall. Eventually the leaves fall off in the winter.

Thanks for the input on the forums everyone!