Derby entry comments for Derby #170: Fall Colors

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Taste explosion!

This is six colors on cranberry. View a BIG VERSION!

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design!


Trying a new kind of style this week, hope you like it =)


I had done a dragon leaf design, but it was pointed out pre-derby that it’s already in existance… d’oh!! So, back to my original plan - the pretty swirls we see on these windy autumn days.

Mr. Tree says, “Hi. I’m cold.”
That’s beause he’s nakie. Nakie!
Here comes Mr. Bird. He says, “Lookie. I share.” Oh, he also says, “Chirp.”
“Gee. Thanks.”, replies Mr. Tree. shiver
The End.

A maple leaf I drew that is created from another maple leaf I drew and created a pattern out of. Tried something different. Hope someone out there likes it.

Move over dry, brittle, falling leaves… snowflakes are coming!

The Fall

When I was a child, I remember a group of bad kids who at any opportunity they push me, while the other kid was crouching at my back, (very efficient fall) :slight_smile: Oh those kids, thanks for the inspiration and the trauma!

Some detail:

The Changing of the Leaves

take your cap off, make yourself at home…

Why do leaves fall? Well, actually they jump. It’s those damn TREE PIRATES! Every year around this time they show up, steal your green (turning you orange) then they force you to jump off the plank (limb). Harsh. ARRrrrrrr Ya Want One Don’t Yee?

I was brainstorming something artsy at first. I had something sort of neat but not really executed the way I wanted. I decided that my last 2 solo entries were Artsy “Playground” and “Constellation Child” so it was time for CD to use his “Something cartoony/ Something scared” card that we all wuvs sooo much.

I’m finishing colors on a collab with Drakxxx that is slightly similar to my fai1ed idea, so it all worked out. I still got to make something detailed and complex. I should have it finished soon.

I really like it, but somehow I’m not a fan of how it looks on the shirt. but I like what you did overall.


Since I already have a few dozen all-purpose
graphic tees, I like the idea of event-specific ones. Something I wear to the movies, something I wear on rainy days, and now- possibly something for Daylight Savings day?

Great idea! I love it.

So clever. :slight_smile:

This is going to be really popular, I’m sure!

I’ll wear it!

Not everybody is a fan of fall foliage…

The goodside of fall

hahaha! its so awesome! congrats!