Derby entry comments for Derby #646: Beauty Springs Forth

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Life is long, snacktime is short.

Up comes leafy springy growth.


Winter is going, Spring is Coming



really cool piece, love the style and colors

6 colors

This one is for all those folks who love getting away from others and digging around in your gardens.

We’re going to need a bigger back window.


Awesome work, man.

A nice springy argyle shirt will get me in the mood for warmer weather. Of course, in Texas, we kind of skip straight to summer.

Nothing says spring like “the birds and the bees”.

Nice colors!

Eternal winter or eventual spring? Game of Thrones can be pretty bleak but my money is on the bunny.

Nice graphic, poopy’.

Elegantly understated steampunk. <3

Latest in my series…,1,169,124.png,1,169,124.png

Take my money. Now. throws money at screen