Derby entry comments for Derby #67: Video Games Through Art History

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Plumber in the style of Rembrandt

Da Vinci gave the world amazing works of art such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. He was also part scientist/engineer with ideas far ahead of his time. Many advanced ideas in the form of scientific diagrams were found in his notebooks. Besides the helicopter and the tank, few realize that he also conceptualized the first robot…whom everyone knows today by the name of Mega Man.

Four colors on cream!

The Great Ape as illustrated by da Vinci.

Even the pucker likes to rock out occasionally…

Action heroine in the style of Matisse

This is based off of Matisse’s Blue Nude series of cut-outs, which can be seen here.

Surely you Joust!

I think this may your best work yet.

Adding the headset really sells this for me.

Based on the old Atari 2600 game Warlords, sort of a break out with other players.

Who doesn’t like have the power to throw fire?

Love that it’s subtle too.

The Great Leap was documented long before it’s time.

One of my faves, good luck!

This design depicts the opening scene to Sierra’s King’s Quest VI.

It’s a good thing there are only three winners, I could go broke.

I love the design, but I’m not too crazy about the orange on green…

I love the art and you have mad skillz (as I said before, humbling). Just not a shirt I can wear.

This shirt was the first that made me laugh. GMV!

I have to have this