Derby entry comments for Derby #78: Winter

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This is a collab piece between geekfactor12 and myself. When the new theme was announced, I immediately knew I wanted to help breathe new life into this design from the past winter derby. I contacted the original design’s creator, and created an entirely new design for Derby #78. We hope you appreciate the new design, and hopefully the updates will be enough to get this design printed this time around.

Thanks for your votes!

This is the kind of weather I’m used to seeing in winter :slight_smile:

Larger Version:

A Cold Wind

An underwater rendezvous in winter.

Since the poor snow monster can’t have his turn on the sled…at least you guys can vote on his shirt. :frowning:

Thanks as always for your support and votes!


Each winter, every pine tree trembles in fear- will this year be the year he is chosen?

Ah, Young eskimos in love.

Drak, I hope you get your second print with this shirt. The flow is amazing and it looks fantastic!

This shirt tells a friend “You’re on thin ice.”

i would buy one

I think I like these sorts of edgars the most.

I really really love this. It’s very Sendak and I like that. GMV


Inspired by Randy of “A Christmas Story”. I originally was going to draw him spraying aeresol cans into the ozone layer but I decided that Randy didn’t have it in him. Fight the good fight little man.

A fun play on words. Two little peas playing in the snow.

:EDIT: O M G how did I forget to give my collab partner props?!? The idea and concept is totally all of AdderXYU’s creative mind. I just slapped something together. :wink:

Thank you for all the votes!

Close up:

What could be worse for a tongue then being trapped with a bunch of frozen poles?

The idea of this depiction of Winter as beauty was thought up by Leelaaa.
Collectively, we think Winter is one of the most beautiful and peaceful seasons,
so we were quite motivated to make this one.

Here is a link to a larger composition:




As always, thank you for your support and votes.
Happy winter!

Sorry, but nothing in this idea says to me “winter”.

Good illy though.