Diamondback Trace Dual Sport Bike

Is this the right picture? the description claims the bike has disc brakes but the picture shows rim brakes…

Edit: Seems like the pictures are from the Trace, not the Trace Sport by looking at the diamondback website (former has disc mounts but rim brakes while latter comes with some basic disc brakes) (also the name is Trace Sport if anyone wants to google it - page for presumably 2013 model is http://www.diamondback.com/trace-sport-mountain-dual-sport (whats being sold is 2012))

Certainly a step up from the walmart/target/etc. junk.

Is this a decent bike?! I’ve been considering a bike for a bit…

Yes, it’s decent enough. I’d recommend taking it to a bike shop for assembly and tuning if you aren’t mechanically inclined. Even if you are, a good shop will do certain adjustments that require special tools.

So does that mean it has disc brakes or rim brakes then??

EDIT: Brakes–Tektro Novela Disc w/ 6" Rotors

It says it has a disc break mount, not a disc break. What you see is what you get.

I just bought this bike from Amazon last month. I have only ridden it a few times but I like it a lot. Seems like a very nice bike for the money. I am very happy with the purchase.


The bike comes with 9 different pamphlets/manuals/instructions and of those 9 items, 6 are of different sizes. Makes for great reading (sarcasm) and easy paper storage (sarcasm). I am always amazed how complex and numerous the manuals are these days.

The bike is suppose to come from the factory pre-assembled then a few items quickly disassembled for shipping. But I found almost everything needed tuning, including truing the wheels.

Edit: It does not have disk brakes (but the brakes work VERY well, i had to get used to how fast it will stop me).

I am 6’2", 34" inseam at 180 pounds and i went with the XL. Fits me well.

It’s because bicycles are made from an amalgam of parts not made by the manufacturer. The only part Diamond Back makes is the frame…and they probably just contract the frame assembly out to a factory that also builds other name brands. DB prints the big generic manual, and then throws in the Shimano, Sun Tour, Tekro, and other manuals into the box.

The specs shown are probably wrong. They’re for 2013 Dual Sport Trace Sport. I think what you’ll get will be this bike (2012 Dual Sport Trace). No Deore components, no discs. It has 700c wheels (more of road wheel) with linear pull brakes.


The specs are fixed. If you ordered before this fix and want to change your order, email support@woot.com.

It is a 2012 as listed, so nowhere as nice as the 2013.

How do you pick the right size ?

I wondered the same thing. Found this through the googles:

Based on description, I’m assuming this is considered a hybrid, and that chart is correct.

Serious bikers, how am I doing, and what do you say if I’m smack between L and XL on this chart: 6’1", 34" inseam. Seems like XL is the way to go, but I don’t want to end up on my tippy toes at stoplights in order to protect the giblets. Advice?

If you want to see what size you need:

I’m really confused on the sizing on these things… I did some research and found that the 22" probably would be the best for me. But why does Walmart etc. size their bikes by the wheel diameter (e.g. 26", 28") and not the frame size like this one is? Anyone know what the wheel diameter is on this bike? Thanks!

Looks like the fit calculator on the Diamondback webpage recommends a large: http://www.diamondback.com/2012-trace#_fit-calculator-next.

I’d probably play it safe. If you find it’s a little cramped you can always buy a different stem later to fine tune the fit.

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I have a steel mountain bike now, and it’s heavy. Anyone know the approximate weight ranges for this bike, esp. the XL?

I own an older model of this bike and for the money they are offering it here it is a great deal. It is a nice bike for commuting and for recreational riding.700C wheels are the same diameter as what they call 29". This is not a true mountain bike mainly because the fork is not up to serious off road. It isn’t too heavy, and it is nice looking, so if you commute learn correct use of a U lock. For this price and even with what you may pay for the local bike shop to go over it, if you need a bike go for it. If you are between sizes it is best to size down.

Use the fit calculator on the product web page.

Should give a general idea. Generally, however, it’s sometimes not too bad to go a size down (or even sometimes a size up).

Many cyclists (adhering to the N+1 rule) ride a range of sizes anyway.

If you REALLY want to be sure, you can go to a Local Bike Shop (LBS) for a fitting, but those can sometimes cost, depending on the system used.