Digital Blue Tony Hawk Helmet Cam



I guess that would be a cool gift for a kid, or…something. What was worse, this thing, or These Things

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Manufacturer Page $99.99 Direct


will this second as a helmet?


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Digital Blue Tony Hawk Helmet Cam
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Digital Blue Tony Hawk Helmet Cam


THis would be good to see the day of a handicap person.


great, something for all us kids… sarcams.


Can you put a 1gb sd card also?


Oh yay-No not for me, i dont skate much.


if only I knew how to skate, and if I had a skate board, this would be useful

probably good for the price, I just don’t have a use for it


Way cool. Is it a good deal?


Digital Blue Tony Hawk Helmet Cam: Technology made popular by One night in Paris!

Be the life of the party! Be popular! Be the center of attention!

Now you can explain to the office in graphic detail exactly WHY you’re wearing the neck brace and leg splint. Imagine the hilarity as you relive your pathetic attempt to recapture your youth in 320x240 resolution at 15fps!


This is pretty sweet…it would be excellent for mountain bikers such as myself. I’ll sleep on it.


I guess I could use this at the office to capture my “extreme” skillZ!!!


Wow way cool… but not for this old wooter who remembers the 60’s or do I


Will this attach to my Dark Helmet? I can’t breath in this thing.


Great…exactly what I need to to record myself breaking my neck. Can it be recorded in PAL as well so I can send that video to my family in Europe?


wow, not going to get much fast paced action with 15 fps…


Couple matches on SecretPrices $79.99 min + shipping


Good price on this…digital blue’s online store has them for $100