Dirty Rotten Shirt Thieves


Starting a new thread for shirt stealers.


Finally get Hocus Puffcus printed, and these jerks steal it. https://huntedtee.com/hocus-puffcus?rt=storefront&rp=halloweencollection&rn=Halloween%20Shirt&s=hanes-5250&c=Black&p=FRONT


Anything you can do about it?


you could send a dmca notice to that company, it’s worth a try :slight_smile:


We are on it! I’ve sent this to our legal team.


So I just entered this shirt design in today’s Derby. I had shared it previously on the r/DunderMifflin subreddit for feedback and now I’m seeing it on some site called Teesna… Does anybody have any idea what is going on? Never heard of this Teesna site and I am super pissed right now! :angry:

Link to stolen design --> https://teesna.com/17?pr=hallo20&fbclid=IwAR3CmH1gBL4BvzFN2EcHJqB4BniTDneFN9PyINnezj7jXlEId3hN_lDApAY&s=hanes-5250&c=Black&p=FRONT

Please help if you have any experience with this…


Ugh!!! It’s on this site too!! What is happening?!?! Does anyone have any idea??



@speedcheetah how are you even finding them?


Users are posting them into the subreddit post for the design. I’m assuming it’s the people who scammed the design…


I guess there’s a lesson to be learned here. Don’t ask for input on reddit.
I don’t know that there’s much you can do about it except report it to woot and have woot send a C&D… but it’ll probably be gone before they get around to it. Blegh. I’m sorry.


Yeah. Reddit is Reddit… But I haven’t had this issue before with my designs (to my knowledge).


Had a facebook ad try to sell me Starcheology from teespring: https://teespringtee.com/wjmh?c=Black&p=FRONT&pr=OVER70&s=hanes-5250
Second time that’s happened.

Original: https://shirt.woot.com/offers/starcheology?ref=cnt_ctlg_dgn_8


Any way for me to get royalties for this one?


I immediately thought of you when I saw that


I have forwarded to legal to get this taken down, thank you for calling it out!


You’re gonna take down SNL? Dang!


I think she was replying to Pax, but I’d like to see them try! :stuck_out_tongue:


& @acraigl Yes I was replying to paxdomino!


I like that your first thought was that I could take down SNL though…


Stolen shirt (on Amazon, no less):
woot link: