Whats with the shirts lately?

Seriously… Can they not find good artists? Or are peoples taste in shirts really that bad?

Do people just vote on clever ideas and funny things instead on things they would actually wear?

The shirts used to be wearable artwork. Had style and talent.

Today’s shirt is of a pipe smoking… I’m an avid pipe smoker and at first glance I was excited, then I saw the shirt and thought WTF? (<-- really? I can’t type WednesdayThursdayFriday??)

I used to buy at least 3 shirts a week. I’ve bought only one in the past 3 months or so.

Luckly this weeks derby’s shirts are all very good.

I’ve only been on woot for a short time, but I agree - the latest batch of shirts are AWFUL. I don’t care for any in the derby either. Too much corny alliteration.

Of the derby I like 4 of the designs… all high votes, yet I doubt but maybe one of the decent designs will make it as a shirt.

I admit, the 1st place shirt is funny, and well made, but would I wear that as a shirt? No.