Do-All Outdoors Shooting Targets

Be advised - these things do NOT stand up to high-powered cartridges. AR-15 rounds go right through 'em like a hot knife through butter. But pistol cartridges work great on them at any distance. The small AND the larger body targets.

I’ve picked up three of the Body Shot targets in the past few Woot! offerings and all three have held up superbly to handgun rounds up to .45ACP.
They do make a high caliber body shot targets but that model is not available through this Woot! offer. ('Im watching for it though) Stick to handgun and small rifle rounds and you’ll be fine.

The three targets I got through Woot! add up to the price of one of these targets elsewhere. This is a super deal… I just have enough of them for now :slight_smile:

In for 3 of the 22/17 targets. Missed them last time they were on here and was not happy about that.

Now all I need is for Woot to offer the “high caliber” model and I will buy 3 more at this price (cost of 1 retail)!

I would call these reactive targets and not pop-up targets. They move backwards and forwards by spring tension. A pop up target falls then rises back up.

Still damn good for the price.

As others have mentioned before use the appropriate caliber for the model and you’ll be fine. Happy plinking!!!

All you guys who are also looking for the 9mm-30.06 version of this to pop-up on Woot sometime…if you ever see it, send me a PM (and I will do the same for you).