Dyson AM09 Fan + Heater, 2 Colors

I bought one of these last time. Always been intrigued by Dyson design. But, for the money, I recommend a good room fan and separate heater. The Dyson does neither especially well. As a fan, on level 8-10 is too loud for amount of air it pushes. As a heater its barely passable and runs continuously unless air temp is within a few degrees. On the up side it looks great, has a small footprint and remote is nice. It’s a conversation piece until they ask how well it works and how much it costs… that’s when the conversation falls apart. Or you lie. Maybe that’s why Dyson is so popular, no one wants to admit they spent that much money and its not that great, so they tell their friends how wonderful it is. Friends buy, are disappointed, but don’t admit it, hence perpetuating the Dyson mystique.

Came here to warn people. My review is the same as above. Don’t buy it, unless you want over priced art that makes noise. Also my remafratured unit came with a few noticeable scratches.

Well first off I’m not using the heater to heat my room or house with it and it alone, anyone expect that should grow some brain cells as no heater without a ground especially will provide you that type of heat unless it’s Quartz, which this is not and doing your research you would know it’s ceramic. It could my room and the heater keeps the room at 70 when the main heater drops down to 63 at night, with no issues. If you go buy a good quality fan and heater you’ll end up spending the same amount of money. I am pleased with it, no scratches some dust as it was remanufactured item, however my dyson animal and dyson DC 55 both came from woot as remanufactured and both are flawless, and this is a welcomed addition to the dyson family in my household. Would’ve loved to had the air cleaning one so I could turn off the one fan device still blowing in my room. But very quiet and the heater portion goes up to 99 degrees and it gets HOT no issues from mine!