Dyson DC28 Animal Upright Vacuum

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Insert obligatory ‘sucks’ joke here.


Someone’s probably gonna say"this sucks"

For vacuuming your Animal Uprights…in for 3!

Animals often strike us as passionate machines.
– Eric Hoffer

Review by consumer reports

The first sentence of the last paragraph from that review: "But as our handling test revealed, the DC28’s added pulling power made this 21-pound vacuum relatively hard to push and pull. "

Yay, I was waiting for this!
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These Dyson’s really suck

FWIW, Dysons continually rank near the bottom of their category on Consumer Reports. Just about any old Kenmore is much higher rated.

Had my hand on one of these at Kohls the other day, and even with a 30% off coupon it was going to be about $400.00.

Trying to decide how much trouble I’m going to get in when another Vacuumm arrives. :slight_smile:

OK - there will certainly be nastyness - but I can vouch for this being one outstanding machine - Love my Dyson upright vacuum! If you can use one, this will do you well. We’d been gearing up to replace carpet in the whole house before I bought one (bought ours in 2004)- and I couldn’t believe the stuff this machine pulled out of what we’d believed WAS a clean carpet… ended up not feeling the need to replace any of the carpeting - and in fact, the folks who bought the house mentioned the carpet as being one of the things they liked best – all due to a Dyson vac. (They should pay me to tell that story, but I love Woot and this is a good deal, so there ya go - L O L!)

If I didn’t already have one of these from Overstock, I’d get this! It ROCKS!

I had a Kirby dealer compare his Kirby to my Animal… he lost and gave up. The only edge the Kirby had was mattress cleaning. The Dyson is impressive and highly recommended. Running strong after 5 years.
The only negative is that the wand maneuverability is horrid.

This vacuum actually offers no advantage over my $60 Eureka that I purchased 4 years ago and still runs like a champ. At least with the overpriced “ball” version you can steer it a bit easier (though, it is not work the extra $200 if you ask me).

As a Dyson (refurb) owner, I will never buy another brand of vacuum. I wooted a Dyson a couple of years ago, and I love, love, love it!!

I have had the original yellow Dyson since they came to the US in 2001-02. The hoses are starting to become brittle and may need to be replaced soon - but a little duct tape is a wonderful thing… It still cleans almost like new. I think it’s time to retire it to the basement apartment and pick up this animal - I have 3 dogs and it might come in useful! Go Dyson - yea Woot! for saving me a couple of hundred bucks!

They have had the ball, the upright, bring on the nice one made for stairs and I’ll be sold. I’ve been waiting forever woot! Common’ where is my drag behind me machine!

Been waiting for this for some time. In for one, busters.

Per Consumer Reports:

What’s funny is that 83 people gave it a 3.7 out of 5 stars, and only 65% would recommend them to a friend. CR rates it as the 20th best vacuum of the Upright models.

I bought a refurbished dyson once. ONCE!

Biggest waste of money ever. I only got about three dozen uses out of it before it completely broke down. And that was after the really short warranty was past.

Every vacuum before and after this has lasted longer and worked better. Never again, Dyson.