Dyson DC18 Slim All-Floor Vacuum



Over 100 reviews and this vacuum STILL has a 4.5 rating on Amazon. That’s a good sign…

4.7 out of 5 on Buzzillions too…


Dont let the slim title scare you … this vacuum is awsome. I purchased it the last time around… One of the best out there


I bought a Refurb’ed before and it works great.
I would def recomend.


Fingerhut just had these for $199; not surprisingly they’re already sold out.


I would buy this vacuum, but I am confused about how it doesn’t have wheels on the front, but a giant ball in the middle and yet can still turn! How can the laws of physics be repealed to allow this to happen?

This is like an Escher drawing!


This vacuum is amazing. We use these at my work and they get the job done and done well! They are extremely handy and convenient.


If this is such a good product why is it refurbished? just saying…


I bought this in the last woot off. I love it and it works great!

Although I paid $10 more for it… it was still worth it! :slight_smile:


Man this thing really sux. Literally and that is a good thing. Don’t let the root cyclone fool you, there is a filter that does get clogged just before the motor but it seems to be essential to protecting the motor. It is easily changed and the modular design with all the attachements makes it a great vacuum. We own a Scarlet model and paid $500.00 for it at Best Buy many years ago when they only had limited retail outlets and 3 models. A failure of the vacuum hose was quickly replaced free of charge by Dyson. Even though it is surprisingly not a Consumer Reports best buy it is the best vacuum we have ever bought over many years.


I bought a refurbished Dyson from woot and it arrived broken and unuseable. Dyson tried to play it off like refurbished means broken and I got what I paid for. Three phone calls, 60 days and two round trip shipments to Dyson and it is now fixed. Tread carefully with a rebuilt vacuum.


I also got this at the last woot-off. It’s pretty awesome. So far, it’s performing better than any other vacuum we have or have had.


With all the vacuums on woot, they must believe we are really dirty wooters…


I bought this at Sears for twice as much a few months back-- I love it- worth every penny!

The telescoping handle is awesome and its lightweight so I can carry it up and down stairs- this is an excellent price- if you need a vac-- buy this!!!


How long can wooters expect this vacuum to last, as a refurbie? What’s the expected life of a new DC18?


I have the Pet Dyson. Fabulous product. I would love to see a NEW Dyson on here for once, rather than a Refurbished one. I’ve been burned before on a refurb from Woot, so I’m totally gun shy. Get some new ones for sale, and I’ll go x-mas shopping on Woot!


How does it work on wood floors?


Because a lot of people return them when purchased new. Raises a lot of interesting questions doesn’t it…?


Great on hardwood… or tile the brush button is right there on the handle…


I believe it must be electrically powered…on both carpets and wood floors. :slight_smile: