Dyson DC28 Animal Upright Vacuum

Wow that is expensive for a vacuum! Is this normal price for a refurb Dyson?

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The wife got one of these a while ago… Sadly not on Woot. But I can vouch that it works great, no complaints. I like the clear view dirt area where you can see the exact dirt level it is at before it needs emptying. No more guessing if the bag is full and also no more needing to buy replacement bags. Highly recommended. Seeing this price wished we would have bought it on Woot.

I would only buy this vacuum if every time I turned it on, it said “Dyson” the way the guy does in the commercials.

Cheaper than Dyson website.

I own this vacuum and love it. It works very well, is easy to care for (getting hair out of the brush and cleaning the filters), and I haven’t had a problem with it yet (2 1/2 years now).

I bought one of these the last time they were offered, about a month or so ago. It’s amazing how much dirt is gets out of our carpet that our old Panasonic vacc wasn’t getting. I’m glad I got it.

This animal upright vacuum only cleans Kangaroos wallabies and other upright animals, I presume. Makes it of rather limited use, surely?

Warranty: 6 Month Dyson
Doesn’t this thing break easily?

I feel like every week I see some sort of Dyson vacuum product for sale. It’s funny that right now on Moofi another vacuum is being sold. I can’t help but imagine a warehouse full of a vacuum army, preparing itself for the battle that is dust, dirt, lost change and pet hair.

I wish I was working so I could afford one of these. I just found out two days ago that my dog chewed the cord off my vacuum. Maybe this vacuum would fight back. If anyone wants to support my “In Desperate Need of a New Vacuum” cause, let me know!

What happened to the comments about 2 for Tuesday?

Anyway, we are getting two things with this vacuum; 1) the vac itself and 2) the dirt in the vacuum from the previous owner. So, it’s still a two-4-Tuesday deal.

Have this vaccuum…got it new for less than list two years ago. Have three golden retrievers in a two story home with oodles of carpeting.

Our carpets look new every time I run the thing, even if I do have to empty the bin four times for a 12x13 room. Works awesomely well with minimal maintenance. Great for my allergies too.

I want a Dyson with a big ball on it. More manouevrable and just generally geekily cool. He invented that big ball back in the 80s for a new wheelbarrow, but nobody wanted a new wheelbarrow, so he gets to add them to his vacuums instead.

Good news for you, then: http://moofi.woot.com/moofi/acopwhowontgodirty

Pros: It works. I honestly don’t know if it works any better than the non-animal Dysons though. No bags needed and cleanable HEPA filters means no constantly buying consumables for it.

Cons: Seems to fill up quickly. If you let it fill too much it can be a chore getting all the hair out of the can.

I have three sheddy dogs (husky, collie), so this thing has gotten a lot of use over the past couple years I’ve had it. $479.99 new at BB&B, about $380 with their omnipresent 20% off coupons, so you’re only saving about $80 off of the new price with this deal.

In for one… I hope this doesn’t eat my Roomba!

ummm…no more 2 for tuesdays?

Go buy it at Overstock for a little cheaper… plus you can add on a protection plan if you want. Got mine from Overstock & love it!

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