Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum



Hmmm, Dyson, Dyson, has anyone ever heard of these? It’s late, I realize,… oh, yeah, it’s ALWAYS $199.99. That’s right. I forgot that they sell these…Now my memory is coming back,…

Previous woots (MANY, here are a few):


…I even remember making a comment, now that I think of it,…


A vacuum on Home.Woot? Now I’ve seen everything.


But I only have one floor!


Yay! Morose vacuum guy is back!


But you can vacuum it multiple times!


You know why he looks morose? Every friggin’ month the guy has to carry that damn vacuum up those stairs for the picture.

If you go back over WhatsamatterU’s links, you will see him quite joyous in the earlier posts.

(nota bene: I dislike housework and carrying things upstairs, too.)


I got the Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum a few months back, refurbished of course, and I’m very happy with it.

I think they have great refurbished vacuums IMO


Popcorn anyone? reviews






…and what exactly is the point of the shot on the stairs anyway?

What I really need is a vacuum you can use on carpeted stairs that really works, not one I can carry up stairs.

Most vacuums are too large to effectively work and hand vacs either don’t have effective brushes on them or have ineffective power.

I have a large/hairy dog that likes to sleep on the stairs so we need one with both.

You have to be able to vacuum both the step and the riser.

Any suggestions?


Seems expensive for a stairs-cane. And I don’t see anywhere to mount tennis balls on the bottom…


Does your dog lay on parallel on a single step, or does it spread itself across multiple steps? If it’s the former, you either have very wide steps or a large/hairy dog that doesn’t quite fit the description of a large dog. That aside…

The Dyson “Animal” version of the vacuum may be what you are looking for, as it’s intended to function better with pet hair. I don’t have that model, but this being Woot and all, I’m certain there are at least 5 different days of the Animal being sold here within the past year or two. (I may even be a bit conservative on those numbers.)

I have the DC25. It’s light enough that I can work it back and forth across the steps. Granted, when I vacuum the steps I do it with the grace of SouthPark’s “Timmy” rather than Russia’s Mikhail Baryshnikov, but I get the job done.

If your primary concern is the dog hair on carpeted steps, I don’t know of any vacuum that is a perfect fit. (DISCLAIMER: I’m not a vacuum industry expert.) I would suggest sticking with a vacuum that has good suction and a long, easily-flexible hose. Once you have gone over the carpet with the vacuum, take one of those double-sided tape lint rollers and go across the surface of the steps. Or find a fabric-based garment brush used to take lint of clothes.

Or…be the master of your domain and kick your dogs ass off the stairs. He’s got an entire house to lounge around in. He doesn’t have to be a significant trip hazard by laying on the stairs.


What’s the difference between this and the DC25 I just bought for $100 more… Just curious. Why are there SO MANY DIFFERENT MODELS! hahaha


The DC25 has the ball technology. It is easier to maneuver and I think it is more fun to vacuum with. Which is like saying dental work is more fun than … But still every bit helps!


The Dyson site has all of their attachments. There is a stair attachment and it is pretty awesome. Pet hair be gone!


I purchased this same model on woot a few months ago. I have carpet (includes stairs) and wood floors. This model is very easy to use, almost every part is replaceable, and it is easy to empty.

I haven’t used too many different types of vacuums before, but I would recommend it.


Been waiting on this! I always see the dc25, and finally we have the dc33. Thank you infantile baby jesus…


Is anyone else nervous about ‘refurbished’? I want to purchase, but would love to hear a few more Woot-refurbished success stories.


Considering the nickname hoover for the girls back in highschool…is this vacuum cleaner giving a hoover hummer to this guy?


Why is this DC33 usually less costly than the DC17 in spite this DC33 being about 10% stronger wattage and 10% less weight than the 17 is? This DC33 even seems to have more accessories too. 'Just bought the 17 in yesterday’s wootoff (my 1st wootoff) and already having buyers remorse now that I see this lighter, stronger, less discontinued model for the same price. Maybe the DC17 flexitool it came with made it worthwhile, or the hand controls justify the extra weight? Generally, I got the impression that wootoffs offered the best bargains but I’m now confused.