Dyson DC40 Multifloor Vacuum - Yellow

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Dyson DC40 Multifloor Vacuum - Yellow
Price: $189.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Sep 30 to Monday, Oct 03) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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How well does this vacuum suck?

It’s great unless breaks given the warranty. Only six months and when it is time to repair the turn can be long and a bit pricey. I did not buy this one though

I bought a refurbished Dyson (different model) from woot about two years ago and it’s still working like new, so I can attest to the reconditioning process at Dyson.

I bought a refurbished Dyson DC15 in 2008. Best vacuum I’ve ever had. I recently replaced the brush roller and it’s like a new machine.

I bought a DC-07 from Woot in Jan. 2008. It is still going strong, but the beater head no longer drops down into floor contact position.
Repairing it costs more than a new one from Woot.

Bought my DC25 in 2010 from Woot. Still really sucks.

I own two of these. One I bought retail in 2004 for $400+ from Best Buy. Bought a refurb from Woot in 2007. So one is now 12 years old, the other is 9. Both continue to work great. The newer one (the refurb) I use almost daily. The older one at least weekly. The only maintenance has been to replace the brush head on the newer (not difficult, about $28 for the brush) and replace the flex tube on the older (easy to do, and found the part online for about $30).

When in comes to vacuuming, you simply cannot find a better machine. Go for it.

I recently purchased a Cinetic Animal Refurb a month or so ago from Woot. The vacuum worked two times, then the motor started to smell like an electrical fire. Called up Dyson, ended up getting a new motor installed (took nearly 3 weeks). However, since the motor was replaced, the machine is like new (Ha! It should be like new, with a new motor!). So, buyer beware, the refurb process isn’t perfect, and there is no telling what the previous life of your vacuum was…

I purchased a DC14 from Woot in 2007 and recently passed it on to my sister. It is still working perfectly. I purchased a refurb DC40 like this one, and frankly it was a mistake. Allow me to elucidate…

The “ball” versions of the Dyson are overly complicated with a lot more moving parts than the wheeled versions. Making it stand upright can be a challenge if the kickstand refuses to lock into place, it is VERY tippy when standing by itself, and the kickstand is notorious for getting tangled with the power cord. The wheeled versions were much easier and more convenient to use.

Now for the bad news…

The brush roller on mine stopped working. Yes, my DC40 was still under warranty and Yes the Dyson folks were very helpful, but as it turned out everything on the vacuum that was “designed to be removed by the user” was exempt from all warranty coverage - this included the dust bin, the cyclones, the side cover and filters, the hose/extension tube and cleaning tools, and even the powered brush head. That didn’t leave much that would be covered, so I was on the hook to replace the powered brush head myself. (BTW - Amazon had the part much cheaper than Dyson, even after they offered free shipping as a “gesture of goodwill”!)

Now here’s the rub (Yes, there’s more!). When I was dealing with Dyson’s very pleasant customer service we went through an entire series of diagnostics to determine that the powered brush head was bad. As it happens, we have an authorized service center in Orlando and I decided to let them look at it. Their findings? (Drum roll, please…) A faulty power switch that was fixed under warranty!

Sorry, but I have to give Dyson low marks for design, warranty coverage, misleading diagnostic procedures and overpriced replacement parts. High marks for their customer service (they really were very nice), but the rest rates a solid “Meh!” on my enthusiasm scale.

Sorry to be such a downer, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Mine broke after I dropped it - the brush head snapped off. Even though it was out of warranty Dyson fixed it for free. I was lucky enough to have a service center close to me.

Great vacuum although it is a little flimsy. I’m worried about the plastic continuing to break.

I had bad luck with the Dyson refurb process. Mine died after 8 months with completely worn down carbon brushes on the motor. From calling Dyson Service centers, they don’t repair the motors, only replace them. So a refurb vacuum is really a crapshoot on the age of the motor. If it works during their testing, it could still have limited life remaining.

This vacuum is horrible, bought it new from Costco and returned it a couple months later. Plastic is super flimsy, falls over all the time, and the cord always gets tangled up when using it. When paying over $300 for a vacuum, I’d expect a much better product. We had the old purple dyson without the ball, that worked great but died after 8 yrs. This is definatley not what we’d expect from a dyson.

dont buy this from anywhere that you cant return it, you’ll wish you did!

I bought the DC34 last week, and it arrived broken. At first we thought it was the charger, but we were able to borrow a working charger. It was the vacuum that was broken. Would not charge, which says they really didn’t test it after the referb. Doesn’t give me a lot of faith in Dyson’s QA when they refurbish stuff.

You all seem to have really good experience with Dyson. I wish I’d had a good experience. My Dyson would get clogged just from sucking up a few dead leaves in autumn and some bits of paper around my shredder. I had it unclogged so many times I finally bought a new vacuum. Maybe I got a lemon.

Dyson themselves will still cover a lot of the parts well past the 6 mos. Woot gives you. Just call them

Bought one of these on here awhile back. My first impression was that it’s made of flimsy plastic and that I’ve made a mistake but my cleaning lady really liked it. I never heard her complain so I bought another one for my second floor and both still seem to work very well.

Bought a refurbished Dyson DC18 from Woot back in July of 2008. Still works great!