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According to the specs, the Fan has an Oscillation Angel. Does this get you into heaven?

No way, no way, no way. I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars buying two of these refurbished Fisher price vacuums from Woot. Each lasted just up to the warranty period. Never again. Skip the marketing, hype, and cute colors. Get a Miele. Mine is quiet and has lasted for 10 years.

Thinking this v6 absolute deal is a really good deal, I ordered two of the absolute v6s from an ebay store during Christmas sale. I am wondering if units sold by Amazon is from the same DYSONOUTLET store that sent me an uncleaned, “CLASS B” (if that…), and broken unit I would expect to find in a garage sale for probable 10 bucks. The unit had scratches all over the body, tools had dust bunnies and hair on them, and the whole unit was covered in dust. Only things new in the box was the box itself, the extension rod, and the brochures of Mr. Dyson’s vision. I originally ordered a unit for myself and another unit for a gift. Upon receiving the units, it made me so embarrassed to have even thought to purchase a “refurbished” item for a gift. Before this, I have never had any real bad experiences buying refurbs in the past, but this one really disappointed me and even got me angry. On top of that, dealing with dysonoutlet’s CS was a ■■■■■. To conclude, I can assure you that if Mr. Dyson found out about this, he would be devastated of his company’s low standards and would pound the ground in regret for his CS employees’ ignorance and indifference, failing to maintain his and the company vision. So, I have a message or a suggestion for WOOT.COM. Please remove the phrase "It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new” from your factory reconditioned description as it gives false hopes to deal lovers and I consider this “false advertising.”

I have ordered 5 Refurb. Dysons from Woot over the years. The upright Ball, several cordless, and just recently the canister. All have been clean, shiny, and scratch free and in great running condition. They all still are in great running condition because I have taken care of them and cleaned the filters, etc. I am sorry that you got a crappy one, but that was an Ebay Store, not Woot. Love my Dysons

Is it free voltage?

We have a dying DC34 and the wife needs a new one. holy crap these are expensive.

Can the staff comment on clean/dirty these are?

I am not staff but when something is refurbished it was returned either doa or had a failure within the warranty period. manufacturers will either repair or replace the failed components. Units arent dirty as i saw in a prior post. You may find a scratch or 2. I bought a Dyson AM05 refurbished it looked brand new and runs great only a small scratch on top of the fan. Bought it almost 2 years ago and it still works fine. Saved 60% from normal sell. I also own two Dyson vacuums but bought those new.

Do your homework! The DC50 has the lowest suction power of all the uprights. It can not handle anything but light dust. I bought a DC50 refurb from Woot and it lasted until the end of the warranty period. It kept clogging and when I complained, I was told it was my fault because I had pets. I was vacuuming hardwood floors and an area rug. Not a whole house full of hair. I ended up buying a Shark, and it runs circles around the Dyson. A new Shark is the same price as the refurb Dyson.

Brand new Dyson Stick is at Costco for $50 off and free Shipping. $278

Wait, what? You’ve ordered 5 of these? You’ve had to get 5? I don’t understand. If these are so great, why did you have to order more? Why would anyone need more than one vacuum?

Currently own the Dyson canister vac, which is the best vacuum cleaner we have ever owned! To say it ‘sucks’ is an understatement! Love it, and it looks like a robot puppy!

I have a 1300 sq ft townhouse, and I have three vacs: a Dyson upright, a hand vac, and a shop vac. All three serve different purposes.

I’ve putchased a Dyson stick for someone else as a gift. Lookie, I’m already up to 4!

I bought a hand held refurb from Woot (the purple one) 2 years ago.

60% off retail and it works great, zero complaints and I live on a split level all hard wood floors open concept house (aka, dust and hair factory) and I use it constantly.

My Woot Dyson refurb experience has been stellar. My $0.02.

No. US only.


I bought a refurbished DC15, from Woot in 2008, no dings, scrathes or dust. I replaced the beater/brush a few months ago and it cleans like a new one. My only complaint is that over the years, I’ve gotten old and the Dyson is heavy and a little harder to use. In 2014, I bought a new cordless DC44 and consider it to be one of my smartest purchases. It works amazingly well, light-weight and has plenty of suction for such a small unit. I will never not have a cordless Dyson. Love them both, but the DC44 is my favorite.

We can thank Dyson Engineering & Quality Control for making Dyson the “Refurb King” of household appliances.

Think about it… If they can’t get it right the first time, how is reassembling the parts going to overcome design faults. Hint: It won’t and these units will again fail.

Design faults you say?
What’s your source for that information?

We have purchased two refurbs Dysons from Woot - one for us, one for my parents. That was 9 YEARS AGO! No issues with either one. We have replaced the filters once but otherwise no other expense. We have saved the price of the vacuum many times over in the savings from not having to spend HUNDREDS of $'s with the cost of bags that other canister vacuums require. Sure there are “better” vacuums but this is a great choice in cleaning and cost of ownership.

Good luck all!