Dyson DC65 Multifloor Upright Vacuum

Dyson is one item I will buy from Woot and the 180 Day Dyson Warranty is a good one.

The warranty on this is pretty bad, right? If you buy it from an authorized seller it states a 5 year warranty but only 6 months through woot?

6 months is standard for Dyson Factory Reconditioned vacuums. If they’re showing more than that, they’re covering it themselves.

does it come with the original box in mint condition?

It’s going to be in working order as with all reconditioned/refurbished items, some scratches or scuffs are possible. It’s not likely it will come in the original packaging.

The condition really depends on how much it was used before it was sent back to Dyson for repairs. They replace all the parts that they consider necessary for the vacuum to work just like a new one, and last as long. But if it was used heavily by the previous owner, you will see a lot of scratches and marks on the plastic parts.

Purchased this one 6 months and 9 days ago. Began having a burning smell a few weeks ago. Got around to calling dyson today to troubleshoot and they tell me the motor is probably burning. They also told me that it is 9 days out of warranty and that they would need to charge me to have it fixed. Not the value it may seem!

My motor is toast 11 months after purchase, also out of warranty.

Took it apart and the carbon brushes on the motor are heavily worn and pitted on either side, the metal casing is scraping against the motor, so that’s not something Dyson seems to be replacing when they are reconditioning motors for the vacuums.

Tried calling Dyson’s service center directly to see what kind of brushes are used on the motors, and they don’t give info about the motor specs out to consumers. Maybe Woot staff can help me out with that?

We wouldn’t have access to that info either. You might try a vacuum repair shop.