Earthwise 20-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Earthwise 20-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

If you have a smaller patch of yard and can keep track of the extension cord, these are far less problem than battery ones. HOWEVER, you need to get an extension cord rated for the amperage of the motor! Plug in a bunch of dollar-store cords and you can damage the motor. [Same with air conditioners]

100% agreed with radi0j0hn on the amperage of the cords. You can not only damage the motor, but I’ve seen people burn out the cords. In one case, it started a small fire.

The other cord advice I’d recommend is DO NOT GET LANDSCAPING POWER CORDS!!! Get a bright ORANGE cord! This may sound obvious to some (hopefully most). But when I went to both Lowes and Wally World and told them what I needed, they BOTH recommended the grass-colored cord. Cause… I mean… how could THAT go wrong?

My 1/3rd acre yard as been mowed with a corded electric mower for 40 years. They bog down a little easier than gas-powered options. But, never really had a complaint.

Love my corded mower. Don’t be afraid of dealing with the cord. If you can vacuum without running over the cord, then you can do the same with a mower. Just establish a routine with unrolling the cord first and laying it along the side of the yard you start on, and just let it stay trailing where you’ve already mowed. You may have to put more thought into your mow pattern, but after the first couple of times, it’s a piece of cake.

And I freaking love that I don’t have to worry about gas or oil, or if i’m going to have trouble starting the mower in the spring. These benefits far outweigh dealing with a cord.

I’ve got a smaller 10-amp electric mower and I love it (from a different company, but looks identical, just different brand colors)… I’d rather deal with a cord and have a quieter mower… I can listen to podcasts, it’s quieter than my electric leaf blower.

Fixed your photo for realism.


The cable is run through the tree?


No, don’t be silly.

I’m thinking Woot should sell this as an option :wink:


I had an electric plug-in lawn mower and it was great. Problem was, after a while I got tired of dragging the cord around, pushing the mower with one hand while holding the cord out to the side so I could turn around and do another pass without having to stop and move the cord again.
Then I bought a battery operated one. I’ve had it almost three years, and it’s been a great boost to my EGO! The lightweight battery pops right out and goes on the charger while the mower goes into my shed. It lasts an hour and it recharges in an hour. It’s more than enough to handle my yard and then some. A friend has one and a huge, huge yard. He bought a second battery so he doesn’t have to wait for it to charge. The only maintenance is to blow the dust and clippings off with my battery powered leaf blower, and sharpen the blade every year. No more tuneups or oil changes! Yay!
Not to let my EGO get the better of me, but I think it’s the best investment I’ve made since I bought a Smart car ten years ago.
Still, I would have never bought it if I hadn’t had one with a cord to begin with.