Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch Lawn Mower

Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch Lawn Mower

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While I can’t vouch for the corded version (I do the rechargable batteries), but Greenworks makes some good quality equipment! Never had any issues with them, except when we ended up leaving it out in the rain… that doesn’t bode well for electronic equipment, turns out.

But the lack of maintenance required (a new blade every so often, here in the southeast we usually need one every year or two) is such a dream compared to the gas powered ones I grew up with.



Bought this unit in April. I haven’t cut the cord yet. It does take a little bit of time to get used to working around the cord, but when you get a set path to cutting, it’s fantastic. This mower is well worth the price.


Make it a Battery Op, and I’m IN!

VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST use a proper extension cord rated for this (or any other) corded mower. No dollar store lamp cord! This may cost you half the price of the mower. I use a corded mower after dealing with failing batteries and short run times with battery mowers.


I agree. To make it efficient you’ll need to buy a heavyduty 15amp rated extension cord or the mower would probably run slower than normal. I would like to assume a standard cord would get pretty hot from the 12amp pull…

Never mind. Finally got this mower I’ve been wanting to try out!

I have this mower. If you are accustomed to corded mowers, this is a great one. And I’ve never seen it this cheap. I’m buying one just as a backup for my current one.


  1. Much longer run time and more power than battery-powered / cordless mowers
  2. Very well built, ergonomically comfortable.
  3. This is amazingly cheap. I paid almost double this for my last one off Amazon a few years ago.
  4. Pretty quiet.
  5. No maintenance, other than cleaning the grass off of it after use.


  1. The longer the cord, the heavier duty the cord needs to be, or you’ll burn the motor out. I run 75’ of 12 gauge cord and have never had a problem. There is a chart that comes with the mower - follow it. If you try and use 100’ of 16 gauge cord, you’ll kill ANY electric mower.
  2. Does not run great in long, wet grass. You’ll need to go slow and periodically clean the grass out of the mower deck. Mow on a regular weekly basis and let the grass dry in the sun a little before you attempt mowing, and this thing runs like a champ.
  3. I almost never use the bag collector. It fills almost immediately. Better to use it as a mulching mower.
  4. If you aren’t used to mowing with a cord, it takes some getting used to. But it’s not rocket science. Once you figure out to mow away from the cord, it’s not a big deal at all.

Sure, battery mowers are more convenient, but this things runs as long as you want it to. I have about 1/4 acre around the house to mow, and this is a nice middle ground between a cordless electric mower and a gas mower.

Also bought this in April. The chord is a pain, but it’s smooth sailing once you get used to it.

I received my unit but found a strange item I had never encountered before in the bottom of the box which turned out to be one of the cam locking retainers for one side of the handle (the other one was taped to the handle)! I did NOT find the associated wing nut but Greenworks technical support is responsive and I think they are sending me the wing nut (which is not the experience I have had with other that step up and down converter from Pyramid!)!