in general, is it that bad of an idea to buy 3 woots and sell on ebay (assuming there is a profit to be made)? I only ask b/c if 2000 of one product is sold (ex. RCA lcd screen remote a few days back), does ebay get flooded driving down the prices? Can anyone w/ experience care to say a few things about this. My guess would be that generally no it doesnt b/c most people (especially those buying only 1) keep the goods.


I would have to think that not a lot of people hammer ebay with woots. It usually comes from wholesale warehouses where you can get 500 of those LCD screens for 60 bucks each, and ebay them for 120, and make a helluva profit. All i have to say to that, is you need some capital, if I had that, I’d be rich, getting richer…and richer… :stuck_out_tongue:


I am pretty new to woot, but my second woot was the gyroscopic mouse & keyboard combo. One wooter had posted it on ebay less than an hour after the woot started (using all of woot’s description) which we all thought was pretty crappy of him.

I bought three sets, one to keep and two to sell on ebay. I watched the other auction, and he ended up selling for a loss - around $19 + $15 shipping for a $39.99 woot. Depending on how much he spends to ship it, he took a $15-20 loss.

Now I’m wondering if I should put mine up or not. I think I might give the other two away as gifts, because they are really cool. I did not notice a glut of them on ebay right after I got mine in though.