Energetic Lighting LED Bulbs, 6-Pack

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Energetic Lighting LED Bulbs, 6-Pack
Price: $21.99 - 28.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 6-7 business days (Friday, Jan 16 to Wednesday, Jan 21) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to learn all about Energetic Lighting

Why are 100W standard household lamp type LEDs so hard to find, and when you can find them they are $25 or more?

It is not dimmable. Too bad. It looks ideal except for that little issue…

From the specs:
“Soft White (3000K) non-dimmable”

Need dimmable and 100watts!!

Am I safe to assume that they don’t get hot? This would be great to put in the recessed light thingys for the kitchen. Have some of all kinds so far, but thought this could save my poor electric bill this winter.

Anyone know if these are “instant on”?

Delayed bulbs are kind of annoying…

The LED bulbs I use don’t get hot. The heat is based on the wattage, so a 6 watt bulb gets on the order of 1/10th as hot as a 60 watt bulb. They get a little warm, and I wouldn’t hold flammable things next to them, but otherwise they are much cooler than incandescent. For ceiling lights though, you might look for BR30 LED bulbs, as they will fill the can “thingy” better.

I bought some of these the last time woot ran them, they work great but they do have a slight delay to them.

LEDs bulbs are capable of matching incandescent light bulbs now if made properly… and if light quality is important to you, then you need to know that these are 3000K (whiter white—though technically soft white). If you want incandescent-style glow, you need to look for 2700K, which these are not. I love the price, but I’ll pass.

Some interesting info comparing incandescent, CFL, & LED bulbs:

A different bulb manufacturer

I bought several packs of both types (6w & 8w) the last time woot! carried them to replace most of the cfl and incandescent bulbs in my house. For the most part, they work great and I am happy with my purchase. Out of 30 bulbs I ordered, only 1 didn’t work but for the price, I can live with that.

I put the 8.2 watt bulbs in my bathrooms above the mirrors and in the center fixture in my living room (where I also have dimmable perimeter lights) and then put the 6 watt bulbs in the bedrooms. While it did take some getting used to, I now like the 3000k color.

The lights have a 1/2 second delay when you flip the switch (they should the term “instant bright” instant of “instant on” to reduce confusion) but I guess I got accustomed to it because I don’t really even notice it anymore.

IMPORTANT these bulbs do NOT work in dimmable fixtures or fixtures the use a motion detector (such as pantry or outdoor lights). I had to get a different brand for those fixtures to work properly. While the bulbs themselves do not get hot, the bases do. I would not put them in a recessed enclosed fixture (a light can with a cover), but have them in enclosed covered fixtures (ceiling fan lights).

Again, overall, I am happy with my purchase.

We have two bulbs that crapped out on us from the last time it was offered. How do we go about getting the warranty to replace them.an invoice didn’t come with the bulbs.

Can these work upside down in recessed lights? I know a lot of CFL bulbs don’t, as that drastically shortens their life span. They produced less heat, but it built up around the base of there bulb and over time fries the electronics.

Yes, they are instant on, and instantly full brightness, as compared to some CFL’s that need to warm up before attaining full brightness. I use the 450 lumens bulbs in my ceiling fan light kits.

I can’t stand soft white. It’s gloomy and depressing–especially up here in the Pacific Northwest in the winter, and it’s hard to work or read by. Everywhere I try to buy bulbs, they’re stocked to the rafters with effing soft white. Please give me DAYLIGHT! 5000k!

I’ve purchased a lot of LED bulbs and all have been instant-on. Maybe you are thinking of CFL?

I’m not a staffer, nor do I play one on tv, but my suggestion would be to click on the link right under your sign-in name in the upper right hand corner of the Woot! page…the one that says Stuff You Bought.

Select the item, hit view details and print the page. That ought to do it.

If you’re asking about actually getting warranty service, then armed with the above referenced receipt, I’d visit the Energetic Lighting “Contact Us” page.

[mod note: fabulous explanation, thanks!]