Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones

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New Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones with Microphone

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Amazon.com Black = $52; White = $72.

eBay $various

Buy.com $64

No reviews on Amazon yet… I’ll check some other places though… AH, AlaTest reviewers give it an average of 75/100, which is decent…

and Here’s a blogger’s review.

Will this work on my iPod

Bought these last time they were up. Great headphones but the “leather” liner peeled off after about two weeks…still comfy though…

These are a Piece of !@#$

I w00ted these before and I really regret it. They are so damn HUGE! the card is thick like a power cord and stiff. The sound isn’t even good. I don’t understand.

Save your $$$

  1. They are just showing both colors.

Maybe they work OK, but I’ve been in broadcasting for thirty six years, and have never heard of them. I don’t think they are “professional”. Nobody in the business would use twenty dollar headphones.

I got these last wootoff. They’re extremely comfortable and great to wear for a long time. plus the sound quality is pretty good. i use them all the time, especially with games and movies. the microphone is a clip on lapel mic type thing.

I bought a pair of these during a woot-off a while ago.

Nice sound, but they’re frickin’ HUGE!!!

I bought them to take apart and put the speakers in my motorcycle helmet, but I think they’re too big for that. I keep them at my desk at work so I can listen to some tunes, and virtually everyone in my office has made comments to the effect of me being in a recording studio…

"Over-sized circumaural leather muffs "

We have seen these before, my friends.

Second that. I bought two pair in a previous Woot! The vinyl liner on one headband has already flaked off. Also, the cord is long; but, very stiff so it tends to stay bunched up and gets in your way. I use them for camera work, so I like the big, noise-reducing muffs and the dynamic range is fine for hearing what the camera “hears”. Can’t say how well they work with music; but, I imagine they sound fine if you’re listening to MP3s.

yep yep

I have the same issue, flaky leather…looks like black dandruff

brush yo’ shoulders off

review here. http://www.phoronix.com/vr.php?view=6315

Got these last time. Very comfortable and great sound (I use them to listen to music, not play games). They are HUGE though, but I only use them at my computer. You’re not going to want to use these walking around or anything.

Haven’t had any problems with the padding flaking.

i bought these for a lil more last woot… don’t regret it one bit. excellent sound. the leather wraping on my band also came loose, but still worth it. extra long cord… i lsiten to these just about every night and they are very comfy.

Terrible cans.

If you are going to use these with a computer… Go with the Medusa Pro-Gamer v2’s. They will run you about $120, but they are worth every penny. Best headphones I’ve ever owned or tried.